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#hotties #babes #wtfs #models #mademen #chickipedia According to 2011, “How hot is it? Megan Fox is only no. 6.

But that’s what happens when you’ve got the world’s biggest database of gorgeous women, currently 12,740 ladies strong, and you run the numbers on the most popular Chickipedia chicks of 2010. (Painstaking research, we assure you.) You voted with your clicks—a whopping 10,954,369 times, thanks! Now’s your chance to check out lovely pics and spicy quotes, click on names to see profiles, and try to guess the five babes who beat out Miss Fox. Couple hints: only one was born in the US of A, and we just interviewed another, who skyrocketed to No. 2 after not even being on the list last year.

Alright, we’ll shut up now. Enjoy The Chickipedia Hot 100.” Originally posted 05/2011 Visit gallery >