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Massimo Investment Association, LTD.
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Performances, Producer, Speaker, Panelist, Moderator, Interviews, Trade-name & Trademark License, Music Licensing, and Publishing.

Hashim Music (Member of ASCAP since 1985)/ Bassmint Music Inc. c/o Calliste Communications


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Terms-of-Use and Licensing Information

The trade names and trademarks Calliste™, Calliste Jr.™, Hashim™, Hashim Music™, Jerry Calliste Jr.™ are restricted and NOT open to free use. Upon receiving a request and notification from a journalist or academic use for registered and active students, contributing writers, editors and media professionals a Creative Commons limited right to use trade names and trademarks license may be granted. All other license inquiries must be made prior to using the trade names or trademarks. Any unlicensed and unauthorized use of the trade names and trademarks will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

NOTE: The following sites are NOT affiliated with Jerry Calliste Jr. or and at times are posting inaccurate information: Wikipedia, Nation Master, Visual Wikipedia, Fotolog /FreshRenegade, MyLife and others.

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