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Temporary posting: Excerpt from the Hashim Music Media Kit 2010 full version biography to be released soon (verifiable reference links can be found on Wikipedia):

“Jerry Calliste Jr. born in Bronx, New York where he lived for 5 years then raised in Northern Manhattan’s Inwood/ Washington Heights area is professionally known in the entertainment business as Cutting Records/ Hashim Music songwriter, producer and recording artist Hashim. Hashim is arguably one of the top three Electro Hip-Hop songwriters and producers worldwide. Hashim is known for his heavy synth bass and distinct orchestral synth strings over old school Hip-Hop beats. Most notable songs from the 80’s “Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)” or as most people call it “Ittsss tiiime!” or “Just feel it!”, “We’re Rockin The Planet”, “Primrose Path” and “Chateau Vie”. DJ’s and songwriters try to re-produce his unique style of Electro Hip-Hop Funk but are often left bewildered. This Electro genius is considered a legendary recording and performing artist who for close to 30 years collectively sold millions of records, CD’s and 12″s, has packed dance floors in many countries, lit up the airwaves and inspired pop lockers, break-dancers, and DJ’s alike.

Influenced by Hashim, DJ’s and aspiring artists produced songs and became legendary producers and artists in their own right such as Aphex Twins, Nitro Deluxe and Dave Clarke just to name a few. Numerous DJ’s such as Diplo, Ryan Shaw, Cash Money, Johnny Vicious, Tony Moran & Albert Cabrera, Benji Candelario and David Guetta and many more sampled and included his music in their productions. Hashim literally contributed to the creation and history of the Electro music genre and influenced other artists in the Hip-Hop and Funk music scenes as he’s rightfully depicted in the following books “All Music Guide to Hip Hop – The Definitive Guide to Rap & Hip Hop” and “Freddy Fresh presents The Rap Records 1st Edition – The Ultimate Vinyl Resource Book.”

Today his music is licensed to Rockstar Games, “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City”, Sony Computer Entertainment of America’s “NBA Shootout 2004” and ActiVision’s “DJ Hero: Renegade Edition”. He appears on 75+ music compilations, game-tracks and soundtracks with artists such as Missy Elliott, David Bowie, New Order, Human League, Tone Loc, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Timbaland and Magoo, Run DMC, Common featuring Pharrell, Jay-Z, Eminem, 50 Cent, Barrington Levy, Baby Anne, Benny Benassi, Newcleus, Grandmaster Flash, Shannon, Afrika Bambaataa and Rob Base and EZ Rock and more.

Labels around the world such as Ministry of Sound (UK), Fabric (UK), DJ Magazine (UK), Susu (JP), Kontor (GER), Polystar (GER), Meridan (GER), Studio K7! (UK), Tiger SushiSony/ Epic (USA), Virgin Records (UK), Universal Records (UK), Universal Music (UK), Universal Music TV (UK), DefSTAR (JP), Ninja Tune (USA), EMI Music (Benelux), Pianola Music (FRA), Carerre (FRA) have licensed and sold his music. Hashim receives songwriting and publishing music royalties for general performance, radio, movies, cable and T.V. since 1983 and 1985 respectively from a minimum 45 countries. (continued in media kit…)” Request a full color copy of media kit:

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