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Mr. Jerry Calliste Jr. is a proven leader, strategic business consultant, serial entrepreneur, C-suite executive, hedge fund manager, angel investor and 2x R.I.A.A. award-winning record company executive.

Mr. Calliste Jr. a.k.a. Hashim is an innovative, legendary songwriter and co-producer of arguably the world’s most influential, licensed and sampled Electro Hip-Hop song titled “Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)” or as DJ’s say, “It’s Time”.

Calliste Jr. is born Bronx, New York on 26 November 1965 at Misericordia Hospital and raised in the Bronx on 174th & Macombs off University Ave until his was 5, then North Manhattan Dyckman St. in Inwood/ Washington Heights. Calliste Jr. is also an adopted ‘Buckeye’, he relocated to Columbus, Ohio in 1992. He is well travelled having visited and lived in London, England two times and other foreign countries and U.S. states.

For over 39 years Calliste Jr. participated on board of directors, built successful business teams, supervised over forty interns and professionals, launched popular music companies, created curriculum for two internship programs for twelve accredited U.S. universities and one international university in Lithuania and participated on two influential U.S. political campaigns for President of U.S.A.

Between 1983 through 1988 he founded, launched, and developed entertainment media companies that grew consumer bases, sold approximately 5.0 million units and generated an estimated $25 million in global sales. In events management he partnered venues with top commercial brands and grew sales by 350%.

His peers say he’s “an authority on music marketing, copyright and licensing, independent talent development” and “…a natural at identifying new trends and opportunities related to start-ups and strategic business.”

Claim To Fame
In 1983, Calliste Jr., 17, founded and launched his first company, New York City based popular Electro, Dance, Pop and Latino music label Cutting Records Inc. with co-founder’s Mr. Aldo Marin and Mr. Amado Marin.

Prior to co-founding Cutting Records, Calliste Jr. a former DJ and self taught keyboardist who learned to play by ear on a Casio while listening to early original Hip-Hop (’79 -’83) outside jam tapes (original mix tapes) and dance music radio. Created one of the world’s most innovative, influential, widely sampled and licensed Electro and Hip-Hop song’s, of all time. The song is named “Al-Naafiysh (The Soul”) or as most DJ’s say, “Its Time”. He also created additional influential music thus spawning the creation of the music genre “Electro Hip-Hop”.

“Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)” or as most DJ’s refer to the song “Its Time” launched Cutting Records and collectively sold close to 2.5 million copies. “Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)” instantly became a defecto b-boy breakdance classic, a Hip-Hop DJ must have in the crate and dance floor packer around the world.

Calliste Jr ‘s success in the music business is phenomenal. His songs are licensed on over 150 “Best Of”, “Definitive”, “Classic Hip Hop”, “Trance” and “EDM” music MP3’s, CD’s, compilations, singles by DJ’s, artists and producers Rick, Rubin, Dr. Dre, David Guetta, Diplo, Fat Boy Slim, Carl Cox, Johnny Vicious, Scratch Perverts, Tech N9ne, Cash Money (and many more).

His music appears on numerous independent and major record labels, video games, cable networks, streaming music services and movie soundtracks; iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Sony, Epic, Virgin, Universal Pictures, Activision Blizzard, Universal Music TV, Universal Music, Fabric London, Def Jam, Ministry of Sound, Ninja TuneCarrere Records, Streetsounds/ Streetwave, Kontor, SuSu, Global Underground, Tommy Boy and more in 7 major countries U.S.A., U.K., Germany, France, The Netherlands, Canada, and Japan.

Calliste Jr.’s music appears on 4 popular video games Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, DJ Hero: Renegade Edition, FIFA 13 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. His story appears in two books about the history of Hip-Hop and a web commercial for the Germany based elite DJ gear company Native Instruments DJ Qbert’s Breakfast of Champions | YouTube promoting the essential DJ gearTraktor Scratch Pro II.

Calliste Jr.’s music has recently been licensed (but are not limited) to Universal Pictures for Dr Dre’s blockbuster movie “Straight Outta Compton” (2015), HBO’s series “Ballers” featuring The Rock (2015), Red Bull Music Academy (2014), Def Jam Records (2013), Universal Music (Netherlands) for EA Sports FIFA 13 (2012), Native Instruments (2011), Activision Blizzard’s DJ Hero: Renegade Edition (2009), SCEA’s NBA Shootout 2004 (2004) and Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2003) and many more.

He received two RIAA Gold awards for 500,000 units sold on each song for Cutting Records recording artist 2 In A Room’s “Wiggle It” and Giant Records Ahmad’s “Back in the Day”.

Commencing in 2006, Calliste Jr. studied dual majors in B.Sc. in Information Technology & B.Sc. in Management Information Sciences at the Ross School of Management and Leadership at Franklin University, located in Columbus, Ohio where he maintained an average 3.75 GPA. He’s fluent in English, speaks some Spanish, Arabic, and Bahasa Indonesia and is learning French and Mandarn Chinese.

Calliste Jr. is currently an eligible bachelor (“I’m single by design” says Calliste Jr.), father, uncle and grandfather. He practices transcendental meditation (TM) since 1988 and lateral thinking.

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