Republicans Win Control Of The U.S. Senate | CNBC

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According to Everett Rosenfeld 2014, “The Republican Party has taken control of the Senate, holding at least 52 seats with several more races still left to call.
The pendulum officially swung in favor of the Republicans with the projections that Joni Ernst had won an Iowa Senate seat, defeating Democrat Bruce Braley. The Republican Party also renewed its lease on the House on Tuesday night. But Tuesday night’s victories may just be the beginning for the Republicans, with some experts saying that proving themselves as capable senatorial leaders may be more challenging than actually winning the chamber.

“That’s not victory, that’s step one,” said American Enterprise Institute resident scholar Michael Strain of a GOP Senate win. “Victory comes in demonstrating to the American people that when the Republicans hold a majority in both houses, they can come together by passing a policy vision that reflects conservative principles and will help the lives of American citizens. That’s hard, and that’s a challenge.”” Read more >