Pepsi Spire: The Future of Fountain Beverages | PepsiCo

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Create more than 1,000 personalized beverage variations with innovative dispensers. Now in market, innovative portfolio of dispensers offers food-service operators flexible choices to meet their needs.

According to PepsiCo 2014, “Have you dreamed of a raspberry lemon Mountain Dew? How about a Diet Pepsi flavored with vanilla and strawberry or a Brisk Iced Tea with a splash of cherry? Now if you can dream it, you can drink it with Pepsi Spire.”

“The Pepsi Spire portfolio currently consists of three state-of-the-art touchscreen fountain unit models that allow consumers to create their own personalized beverages in a fun and engaging environment.” Read More >–The-Future-of-Fountain-Beverages051520141456.html