Warning! 7 Lies All Women Tell Men | MadeMan.com

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According to Emma Sarran 2012, “Let me start by being completely, um, honest. Every once in a while, we ladies have been known to play a little fast and loose with the truth around you guys. Believe me, we do it with the purest of intentions (really!). And rather than try to change us, your best bet—for keeping your woman happy and your sanity intact—is to simply recognize what’s going on and be smooth about it. With that in mind, here are seven lies we commonly tell men, and how to handle them. Just trust me on this stuff, OK?” Read more > http://www.mademan.com/warning-7-lies-all-women-tell-men/?utm_campaign=OB-beer-cocktails&utm_source=outbrain&utm_term=Warning-7-Lies-All-Women-Tell-Men&utm_medium=CPC&brkref=ob-traffic