HP’s CEO Failure was Lack of Leadership Savvy | TechRepublic

#leadership #leaders #tech #innovation According to John McKee 2011, “Takeaway:It’s not what you’re selling — it’s what you stand for. For both leaders and organizations it’s important to keep this rule of success in mind.

Recently fired Hewlett-Packard CEO Leo Apotheker set at least one new record during his brief tenure — the company lost nearly $40B in value during his 11-month rein. He wasn’t the first choice of everyone on the board when he replaced Mark Hurd; some decision makers had apparently doubted if he had the right stuff. To his credit, Apotheker was savvy enough to negotiate himself a nice “parting gift,” reportedly worth about $25M in money and stock as a severance package. But based on readers’ comments about my blog in August where I cited HP, I’m guessing his payout has outraged many who still care about the company.

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