Horrendous form: NY Giants lose in pathetic fashion to Vick and Eagles | @jerrycallistejr

Do you think Tiki Barber jinxed the Giants today? Tiki was on the sidelines before today’s game. What a horrible way for the #NYGiants to finish the year losing twice to the #Eagles. Losing is not bad. You can learn from your mistakes and loses. So you think. #Giants up 24 – 3 at the half. First half  the Giants defense, #Manning to #Manningham and Hicks was good football.

The defense seemed to be cranking on all cylinders, but I noticed something. As I was working on company business I kept peaking over and looking at the ESPN Fantasy Football Game Cast. I noticed the Giants running game was almost non-existent. #Bradshaw and #Jacobs to beast in the run game the past two – three weeks just didn’t have enough carries.

Running the ball wears down the defense, runs out the clock and can keep the defense guessing about the passing game. A good run attack sets up play-action play. Where was the run game? Why did #TomCoughlin and crew abandon the run? The very success that got the Giants to 9 – 4 to begin with.

Eventually Manning and the Giants couching staff decided to include #Boss. I felt Boss should have been utilized earlier and more often with #SteveSmith out for the rest of the season.

I’m looking forward to actually watching the game on NFL Rewind later this evening or ESPN3.com Replay. Once I have an opportunity to actually see the game I will come back to this post and add additional comments.

But nonetheless the NY Giants sucked today and probably knocked themselves out of playoff contention. All rookie punter #MattDodge has to do is kick the ball out of bounds and the game most likely heads to overtime tied 31 – 31. Of course the GMen would still have Vick and his fast legs to worry about in OT. But with :14 seconds Matt Dodge kicks a line drive punt to DeSean Jackson who muffs punt and was almost the games goat to miraculously recovering for a game winning 65 yd return for his first punt return for a TD this season. My goodness. Congratulations #MichaelVick and the Philadelphia Eagles and Eagle fans. Job well done. The Eagles earned it.