The Cleveland Indians SUCK Go Yankees

Well it’s no surprise Yankees fans that our “Bronx Boomers” spanked the Cleveland Indians. ALL YEAR LONG!!

Tue 4/17 @NYY 10, CLE 3
Wed 4/18 @NYY 9, CLE 2
Thu 4/19 @NYY 8, CLE 6
Fri 8/10 NYY 6, @CLE 1
Sat 8/11 NYY 11, @CLE 2
Sun 8/12 NYY 5, @CLE 3

There are certain people out there (hmmmm) who thought maybe the Indians could win these three games at home…NOT!!! The Yankees got their number!! Maybe next year…NOT!!! GO YANKEES!! Ohio is still cool but “I luv New York”. It’s just those “darn whipper snapper” Cleveland Indians – they suck.!! See you guys soon. MUAH!!

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