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5 Reasons High Fructose Corn Syrup Will Kill You |

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According to Dr. Mark Hyman MD 2013, “The current media debate about the benefits (or lack of harm) of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) in our diet misses the obvious. The average American increased their consumption of HFCS (mostly from sugar sweetened drinks and processed food) from zero to over 60 pounds per person per year.

During that time period, obesity rates have more than tripled and diabetes incidence has increased more than seven fold. Not perhaps the only cause, but a fact that cannot be ignored.” Read More >

My Comment

God willing I still have no major or minor health issues at my age, 48. None. So while I continue to workout walk miles per week, and drink protein with branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s), take my assortment of vitamins and minerals and tremendously cut out cooking oils and definitely no pork. I decided to start to remove the highly poisonous high fructose corn syrup from my diet too. Now, I do have a soda or two each week but nothing like I used to drink. I’m drinking more green tea, black tea, filtered water, coconut water (See: “The Truth About Coconut Water” by Kathleen M. Zelman a WebMD Expert Contributor and eating Halal meats, loads of veggies (peppers, chili, green, yellow, red and orange along with Italian sweet red onions and green onions), and cooking lots of hot and spicy curry and biryani dishes. I love all types of beans too. I need to buy and eat more fruits and expand my diet to a variety of mushrooms. I feel great. Full of energy. I am sleeping better. Keep in mind I pray a lot, daily and practice transcendental meditation (TM) weekly. It’s a very good feeling.Vita Coco coconut water


Organize Your Mind To Organize Your Life |


Dr. Paul Hammerness and Margaret Moore co-authored "Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life."

#mindcontrol #mind #health #adhd #margaretmoore #paulhammerness According to Margaret Moore 2012, “If there’s one big lesson I’ve learned over the past decade while training thousands of health and wellness coaches and coaching many clients, it’s this: An organized mind enables full engagement in a health-giving style of life.

So I jumped at the opportunity to co-author “Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life” with Harvard psychiatrist Paul Hammerness, where we translate the science of brain organization into six principles, or “rules of order,” and offer self-coaching solutions.

The kind of organization I’m talking about is not decluttering your office or home, or purchasing the latest app to organize to-dos and projects. I’m talking about the mind’s ability to attain a higher order of order — a calm, wise, positive, strategic perspective — and the skills it takes to get there in small or large domains of life, including health and well-being.” Read more >


Ramadan Mubarak!! Eid Mubarak!!!

allah_swtAsalaam alaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuh my Muslim brothers and sisters around the world. As we come upon the end of Ramadan and our holy fast I would like to give praise the brave brothers and sisters who take up the struggle around the world. RAMADAN MUBARAK EID al-FITR!! An accumulation of years being on the straight and narrow path (Salat and Transcendental Meditation TM) seeking wisdom and truth through positive thinking and positive actions.

The “Koran by Heart” an HBO Documentary aired on the first day of Ramadan and was a wonderful way to start the fast and holy month. According to HBO 2011, “In Egypt over 100 kids from 70 countries compete annually in the world’s oldest Holy Qu’ran memorization contest.” It’s amazing. I know 8 or 10 chapters from The Holy Qu’ran. The kids memorize the entire Holy Qu’ran between 5 and 10 years old Insha Allah. Amazing!

Unfortunately our brothers and sisters in Syria, Libya Egypt and other countries had to suffer through this 2011 Ramadan. May Allah bless their souls and continue to protect and provide sustenance for the survivors.



“Faces of the Fallen” | Washington Post

‎”Faces of the Fallen” U.S. service members who died in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom My comment: God bless their souls. I clicked on at least three random members faces on the “Faces of the Fallen” list posted by the Washington Post and each of their profiles appears on the next page. Each one 22 years old, 24 years old and 22 years old respectively.

The Bush administration started the wars and the Obama administration continues it – based some truth, partial truth’s and lies.

These service men and women gave their lives for their country and us Americans. Show them some respect. These are the people who should be recognized and jubilant cheers, and praise should be given to them for sacrificing their lives for us. And all we can do in return for their sacrifice is act like crazed fools and celebrate the death of one man.

In my opinion Americans who celebrate and say derogatory remarks are basically just like the enemy. Cheering death, showing inner hatred, and ignorance. Not to mention it only incites those bad people to attempt to avenge his death. We need to expend our resources on getting the rest of our American service members home. Safely then act the jubilant fool for the living and the American service members that sacrificed their young lives for our freedom. More about “Faces of the Fallen”


A Randomized Controlled Trial On Effects Of The Transcendental Meditation Program, On Blood Pressure, Psychological Distress, And Coping In Young Adults | American Journal of Hypertension

– @jerrycallistejr Here’s a link to a PDF document from the American Journal of Hypertension the title, “A Randomized Controlled Trial On Effects Of Transcendental Meditation Program On Blood Pressure, Psychological Distress, And Coping In Young Adults.” Read More >


Can meditation curb heart attacks? | @NYTimes


Photo by Richard Patterson for the NY Times

– @jerrycallistejr According to Tara Parker-Pope 2009, “When Julia Banks was almost 70, she took up transcendental meditation. She had clogged arteries, high blood pressure and too much weight around the middle, and she enrolled in a clinical trial testing the benefits of meditation.

Now Mrs. Banks, 79, of Milwaukee, meditates twice a day, every day, for 20 minutes each time, setting aside what she calls “a little time for myself.”

“You never think you’ve got that time to spare, but you take that time for yourself and you get the relaxation you need,” said Mrs. Banks, who survived a major heart attack and a lengthy hospitalization after coronary artery bypass surgery six years ago.” Read more >


How meditation may change the brain | @NYTimes

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– @CALLISTE It feels great to be back on the path. I’m back to including meditation as part of my daily activities. After morning prayer today at 06:24 hrs ET, I spent the first of three daily 20 minute Transcendental Meditation (TM) sessions really listening to my body and hearing what I think was every sound that surrounded me. I eventually started to tune out some of those sounds. Today’s session also made me realize how much outside noise is beating up on my physical body and mind.

After awhile I heard less of the noises and I started seeing very clear, colorful and vivid images of, honestly, those daily images posts to its web page. One recent image was of wooden bridge. I imagined myself walking along the bridge. Then certain people crossed my mind. I focused on trying to send a mental message to some of those people to see what comes of it in the days ahead. Then I started really focusing on trying to locate and connect to the tone of the universe.

Meditation 2

When I was done I ate fresh fruit for breakfast. I decided I needed to write about this experience and share it with all of you. I had very positive interactions with Transcendental Meditation (TM) practices in the past and from my experiences I learned a lot and I believe I succeeded at attaining my life goals because of TM.

Also this morning I searched for a free clipart image to include in this post and in the process I found this article…”How meditation may change the brain” by Sindya N. Bhanoo, New York Times Read the article. There is a report mentioned…here I just grabbed the link…Psychiatry Research Neuroimaging titled “Mindfulness practice leads to increases in regional brain gray matter density”

I eventually found a couple of images to share with all of you. Until next time enjoy!