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He sold the “gold pants” trinket!

(Since I originally drafted this blog post back on 12/25/2010 the players have apologized and will sit out a number of games this 2011 season). Here’s what I had to say back when it first happened…

The headline reads “@OhioState football players sanctioned” Now fellas come on. Mr. Terrelle Pryor I understand you’re young and will make mistakes but to sell the “gold pants” trinket? My goodness. You beat “that team up North” which is every @OhioState football players dream and goal to do. Some guys never win the gold pants trinket for such an accomplishment. By winning you are in a special elite group of accomplished players. Yes it’s a trinket but it means so much to the players, the university, #Buckeye nation and fans. To sell tradition so wantonly really brings into question your loyalty and your leadership to your team, your players, your family. Now your name will be mentioned for as long as there is an Ohio State football team as the guy who sold the “gold pants”.

Trivia questions far and near will relentlessly post the question, “What Ohio State QB who beat “that team up North” went on to sell the traditional “gold pants trinket”? I know I shouldn’t be so hard on you. I made mistakes too. I sold some of the rights (only parts I had 100% and sold 50%) of certain copyrights to a small portion of my catalog (songs). Regrettably. Since then I have gained an understanding that “once in a lifetime achievements” should not be sold and memorabilia is not to be placed for sale. No monetary value can replace all the hard work and dedication, sweat, pain and agony it took to achieve those pants. It’s just not worth it.

Apr 8th Annual White Out 2010 | Port Salinas, Grenada White Out 2010 White Out 2010 in Port Salinas, Grenada (Photo by davidkmr All Rights Reserved)

The hotties were out in Grenada on July 24, 2010 for a 8th Annual White Out event. To view more photos by DavidKMR visit his photostream on flickr White Out 2010 White Out 2010 in Port Salinas Grenada (Photo by davidkmr All Rights Reserved) White Out 2010 White Out 2010 in Port Salinas, Grenada (Photo by davidkmr All Rights Reserved)


“@Facebook is worth $52billion, and that’s not a good thing” | @Reuters #socialmedia

According to #KevinKelleher 2010, “Another week, another surge in @Facebook’s putative valuation. Facebook is now worth $52.1 billion, according to, up from $50 billion two weeks ago when someone bought a large chunk of its shares on SecondMarket, an online exchange for privately held stocks.” Article Continued > #socialmedia #finance #investing #kevinkelleher #secondmarket #consulting @Facebook @Reuters @Callistecomm


Mapping the World’s Muslim Population | Pew Forum

World Muslim Population

World Muslim Population

According to the Pew Research Centers Forum on Religious and Public Life 2009, “Mapping the World’s Muslim Population” Map: Distribution of Muslim Population by Territory and Country.” #pewforum #pewresearch #islam #muslim #muslimpopulation @hashimmusic @jerrycallistejr


“Ignore this post 2: Testing network routing”

Ignore this post: I’m just testing my Amplify network routing connections to 12 of my social networks and personal blog from Amplify > > 11 social networks > personal blog.


“…and at the end of this!!”

Jerry Calliste Jr. Hashim Electro Hip Hop, Techie

Electro Hip Hop Artist Hashim (June, 2010)

Welcome to the Official virtual home of  Jerry Calliste Jr p.k.a. The Legendary Electro Hip Hop artist Hashim, Calliste Jr in the press and at times “JFC” to his friends.

He’s successful, currently single, 6’5″ tall (1.98 m) about 257 lbs (116.57kg) athletic build, non drinker and non smoker (now), funny, witty, persistent, Entrepreneur, Lateral Thinker, team leader, music executive, music publisher and most determined! Enjoy!


I Listen to while I work

Back in 2006 while on the East coast in CT. I discovered this cool streaming audio house, tribal, jazzy house, mellow online radio station Ibiza Global Radio. It’s free Check it out

© 2010 Jerry Calliste Jr. & All Rights Reserved.


Organizing personal blog and social network pages

Well I finally got in here and started organizing my personal blog yesterday (Tuesday) I will try to keep everyone informed since some of you find my travels, past music business experiences, new business ventures ideas and joint ventures, promotions and my fun times are cool.

Go right ahead and post your comments to any of the myriad posts you find. I look forward to networking and interacting with you and learning more about you and your exploits. Be sure to add your Twitter link and Linked In profile link I am phasing out facebook and soon will only connect with family and a select few there. Myspace Well I still need to get in there check out the new themes, widgets and plugins.

So if you want to connect or say something to me just drop me a line here on my personal blog.

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What About Scholarships?

Ok I’ve been very busy of late researching, preparing applications, and requesting references from friends and associates to gain academic scholarships.

I’m a dual major  IT and MIS student. I have a lot of scholarship deadlines coming up on Monday June 1st and so far, in my opinion my persistence and hard work is looking good. provided me with an abundance of scholarship opportunities. Any tips from any of you that have gained scholarships in the past?

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Super Bowl Sunday Super Tuesday

Super Bowl Sunday where families usually get together and eat until their hearts content. Super Bowl Sunday is usually the second busiest food day next to Thanksgiving for Americans. The beer, the chips, the hot dogs, the burgers ahhh what am I saying, “The New York Giants are about to beat the pants off the New England Patriots in one of the biggest upsets in NFL football history.”

Super Tuesday where family members may part ways and go out and vote in 24 or so states. A Tuesday that may well decide who the next democratic party nomination for president will be. Ahhh what I am saying, “I won’t pick a winner here but I have a personal favorite.” I’ll save that for another blog post. Without mentioning any names my choice for president will surely be an “experienced” first. 🙂

But regardless of Americans and their political differences and regardless if their team is in the game or not us Americans will gather around the tube, gorge ourselves like we never ate before in our lives and watch one of the greatest games on earth. The SUPER BOWL!!

By the way I have the New York Giants winning this one 35 – 28 over the Patriots. I think the Pats time has come to and end and this will be a Giant season for New Yorkers. More to come after the New York win.

As you all know I am a long time New York sports team fan New York Yankees, New York Knicks, New York Rangers and the New York Giants. Yes I do like the New York Knicks too.

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