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@jerrycallistejr says, “I really like this “Image Rights vs Free Speech In Video Game Suit” article by Katie Thomas since I’m constantly in a similar quandary with social media and independent music media networks about the improper and what I believe to be illegal use of my “likeness” image, trade name and trademark Jerry Calliste Jr. Just off the top of my head I am considering filing a couple of lawsuits of my own to combat this flagrant misuse of my likeness. Social media networks @MySpace and @YouTube have communicated with with me and my music publisher to correct the inaccuracy. Both networks I find have pro-active copyright and trademark infringement departments. As of right now I’m working on removals with YouTube’s infringement department. MySpace cleared an issue. Me and @Wikipedia awhile ago worked out a resolution since Wikipedia only allows one page per person and they kept a Jerry Calliste Jr. article created by mediapr and forward other referenced material to that article. The blue and white social book on the other hand hmmm – no comment. I’ll keep you posted.”

According to Katie Thomas 2010, “When Sam Keller, a former quarterback at Arizona State, sued the video game publisher Electronic Arts last year, he was seeking compensation for himself and other college athletes whose names were not used but whose images he contended were being illegally used by the company.” Continued > http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/16/sports/16videogame.html?_r=1&partner=rss&emc=rss #arizonastate #easports #legal #law #likeness #musicbiz #samkeller #katiethomas