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Source: Derek #Jeter, #Yanks Agree | @ESPN #nyyankees #yankees #derekjeter

According to Wallace Matthew and Andrew Marchand 2010, “Derek Jeter agreed to a new contract with the New York Yankees on Saturday afternoon, a source with knowledge of the negotiations said. Earlier Saturday, two sources said the #Yankees and their captain were hoping to finish a contract that would pay #Jeter approximately $17 million a year for three seasons with an optional fourth year at a lower salary, although those terms were among the details still to be worked out.” Article Continued > #wallacematthew #andrewmarchand #yankees #newyorkyankees #derekjeter @NYYankeesPR


A Sad Day in Bronx New York Thank You Steinbrenner R.I.P.

Sad day in the Bronx, New York according to ESPN, 2010, “Yankees Steinbrenner dies at 80”. Click for article

Thank you George Steinbrenner for the wonderful times and memories. Thank you for keeping the New York Yankees team and organization in Bronx, New York. It gave me and many other fans the opportunity to witness and experience a spectacular sports team like the New York Yankees make history time and time again. Mrs. Steinbrenner, Hank and Hal The Calliste family (true Bronx New Yorkers) send our condolences to you and your surviving family members.

David Cashman you are as much a part of the Steinbrenner family and most people do not even realize that. Thank you for staying in New York and delivering champions.

Thank you Mrs. Steinbrenner for supporting your husband for over 35 years in his quest for excellence and relentless drive to be a champion. In my opinion Mr & Mrs Steinbrenner are the true New York Yankees and Champions in the Bronx. Thank you.

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You go Hank Steinbrenner

Mr. H. way to go! I say, “Mr. H. let them know what’s really on your mind.” In a reply, (see “Report: Hank Steinbrenner fires back at Torre”, October 21, 2007) to Joe Torre’s recent public response and denial of a one year contract extension it seems to me and it’s purely speculation since I do not know Hank, in my opinion what I believe Mr. H. (that’s what I have decided to name Hank Steinbrenner – Mr. H.), what I think Mr. H. really wanted to say is, “You don’t tell us how to spend our money, we’ll tell you how we’ll spend our money.”

Simply put even if that’s not what he was thinking (remember I am not a naysayer) I like this Hank Steinbrenner guy. You set the tone baby. Now that’s a true New Yorker response.

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Yankees will get new manager

Well the New York Yankees will have to locate a new manager for the up coming 2008 season and foreseeable future. It’s official, Joe Torre is now former New York Yankee manager. Joe Torre passed on an incentives based contract offered by the New York Yankee club house.

According to 2007, “When he (Torre) heard the offer – $5 million for next year and the chance to earn $3 million more in bonuses – he knew the team’s management wanted him to walk.” New York’s offer included $3 million in bonuses if the Yankees reached next year’s World Series — $1 million for each round reached — and an $8 million option for 2009 that would have become guaranteed if New York won the AL pennant.”

People I say, “What’s wrong with that?” “Torre just completed a $19.2 million, three-year contract. The Chicago Cubs‘ Lou Piniella was the second-highest paid manager at $3.5 million ( 2007b).” Torre made on average $6.4 million on $19.2 million for three years. The new deal has the potential for Torre to make if I’m not mistaken, $8.0 million when the New York Yankees win the World Series in 2008. He is actually being offered $1.6 million dollars more than he was previously paid each of the past three years (if you average his $19.2 MM salary over the term of the agreement). Then if the New York Yankees win the World Series he would stay on as manager going into the 2009 season and start that year off right where he left off at $8.0 million. “What’s wrong with that?”

Torre would only be taking a pay cut in the 2008 season if he thinks he can’t deliver a World Series. Does Torre think he can’t deliver?

“”Under this new offer, he would continue to be the highest-paid manager in major league baseball,” team president Randy Levine said. “We thought that we need to go to a performance-based model, having nothing to do with Joe Torre’s character, integrity or ability. We just think it’s important to motivate people (, 2007c).”

“Torre called Cashman on Tuesday and asked to meet with the 77-year-old Steinbrenner and the owners’ sons, Hal and Hank, who have taken an increased role in recent months. They spent an hour together, and then Torre was gone (, 2007d).”

“Steinbrenner let his sons do the talking (, 2007e).” I must say it is condescending to have Steinbrenner’s sons “do most of the talking” especially after 12 years and during a situation like this.

As a dedicated New York Yankees fan for many years, I was born in Bronx, New York on the Concourse at Misericordia Hospital in 1965, not far from Yankee Stadium and I still have family that lives 4 blocks from the stadium, so I am a true New York Yankees fan I want braggin rights, I want wins and I definitely want to see the New York Yankees win the World Series. That’s the bottom line

With the so called stellar roster we had this year we did not deliver. The New York Yankees did not deliver. So in my opinion the organization has to take a hard look at all of the expenses especially administration costs. This is New York City not Kansas City. In a big time city you have to produce big time results or step aside. If you want quiet go to Kansas City. We are in New York where we make noise and want to see good results. World Series rings.

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