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5 Ways Social Media Can Ruin Your Reputation | Entrepreneur

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According to Lewis Howes 2012, “Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ allow us to connect with the players in our market. But, when used improperly, social media can be a dangerous platform for entrepreneurs to ruin their reputations.

Here are five ways social media users can destroy their online rep, and tips for steering clear of these costly mistakes:”


Google+ Off To Better-Than-Expected Start | CNNMoney

Google+#business #socialnetwork #internet #google+ #google According to David Goldman 2011, “The Google+ social network has topped 60 million users, according to founder Paul Allen, who also made the bold prediction late Tuesday that Google+ would reach 400 million users by the end of 2012.

Allen, who calls himself the “unofficial statistician” of Google+, runs hundreds of queries on various surnames on the social network each week. He has been tracking those names since Google first announced that Google+ had reached 10 million users in July.” Read More >


Prep For Facebook’s Timeline Layout: 6 Must-Do Privacy Tweaks

facebooklogo1I don’t like Timeline sucks. According to Ian Paul, PC World, 2011 “Get ready for your Facebook past to come back with a vengeance; the social network is now rolling out its new profile layout, Timeline, to all users worldwide. Timeline is basically an online scrapbook that displays your Facebook activity in reverse chronological order going back to when you first joined the social network.

This means you and your Facebook friends will be able to peruse your social networking history with just a few clicks. Previously, there was no practical way to view your older activity on Facebook.

If Timeline’s debut has you wondering whether you can hide the embarrassing bits of your Facebook life before your new profile goes live, the good news is you can. But you’ll only have seven days to make any changes to your Timeline before it becomes your default profile.” Read more >


Indie Bands – No Respect From Social Networking Site


Indie Bands – No Respect From Social Networking Site

According to Eliot Van Bushkirk (2008), “Myspace Music Won’t Give Equity to Indie Bands“.  In my opinion that’s just appalling.  MySpace Music is MySpace Music because indie bands attract everyday people to MySpace’s social network. The least they could do is compensate the struggling independent artists with some form of royalty compensation package (More to come on this topic soon).


Bushkirk, E. V. (2008). MySpace Music Won’t Give Equity to Indie Bands. Wired Magazine. Retrieved on July 20, 2008. Web [1]