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Ramadan Mubarak!! Eid Mubarak!!!

allah_swtAsalaam alaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuh my Muslim brothers and sisters around the world. As we come upon the end of Ramadan and our holy fast I would like to give praise the brave brothers and sisters who take up the struggle around the world. RAMADAN MUBARAK EID al-FITR!! An accumulation of years being on the straight and narrow path (Salat and Transcendental Meditation TM) seeking wisdom and truth through positive thinking and positive actions.

The “Koran by Heart” an HBO Documentary aired on the first day of Ramadan and was a wonderful way to start the fast and holy month. According to HBO 2011, “In Egypt over 100 kids from 70 countries compete annually in the world’s oldest Holy Qu’ran memorization contest.” It’s amazing. I know 8 or 10 chapters from The Holy Qu’ran. The kids memorize the entire Holy Qu’ran between 5 and 10 years old Insha Allah. Amazing!

Unfortunately our brothers and sisters in Syria, Libya Egypt and other countries had to suffer through this 2011 Ramadan. May Allah bless their souls and continue to protect and provide sustenance for the survivors.



Muslim integration ‘easier in Scotland than England’ | BBC News

According to BBC News 2010, “Integration is easier for Muslims in Scotland than in England, new research has suggested. The poll, for the British Council Scotland, also found six out of 10 Scots believed Muslims were integrated into everyday Scottish life.” Continued here > #bbcnews #muslim #islam #ramadan #scotland #england @hashimmusic @jerrycallistejr

Muslim Women

Muslim Women (Photo Current TV 2008 Source:


Top American Rabbis Rally Behind the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ | Huffington Post

According to Joshua Stanton 2010, “When I told a friend that I had helped found Religious Freedom USA to affirm the right to build the Park 51 community center in Lower Manhattan (often mislabeled the “Ground Zero Mosque”), he responded with a cautionary note: “What about the risk you are taking in your future career as a rabbi?” #ramadan #ramadanmubarak #ramadan2010 #huffingtonpost #judaism #park51 #religiousfreedomusa #groundzeromosque


Ramadan 2010 begins around the world (Photos) | Huffington Post

“Many of the world’s one billion Muslims have spent the last several days preparing for the month of Ramadan, the ninth and holiest month in the Islamic calendar.” says the Huffington Post  #huffingtonpost #ramadan #ramadan2010 #ramadanmubarak @hashimmusic @jerrycallistejr


Eid Mubarak! #ramadan #eidmubarak

Asalaam alakium wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuh to all of my brothers and sisters who have already started Ramadan and to those who will start tomorrow. Be safe and remember the true meaning of Ramadan Bismillahir Rahmaanir Rahim Sura 2 Verse 185. MaSalaam!! @hashimmusic @jerrycallistejr

Blue Mosque Turkey

A reflection extends the minarets on the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey