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Source: Derek #Jeter, #Yanks Agree | @ESPN #nyyankees #yankees #derekjeter

According to Wallace Matthew and Andrew Marchand 2010, “Derek Jeter agreed to a new contract with the New York Yankees on Saturday afternoon, a source with knowledge of the negotiations said. Earlier Saturday, two sources said the #Yankees and their captain were hoping to finish a contract that would pay #Jeter approximately $17 million a year for three seasons with an optional fourth year at a lower salary, although those terms were among the details still to be worked out.” Article Continued > #wallacematthew #andrewmarchand #yankees #newyorkyankees #derekjeter @NYYankeesPR


A Sad Day in Bronx New York Thank You Steinbrenner R.I.P.

Sad day in the Bronx, New York according to ESPN, 2010, “Yankees Steinbrenner dies at 80”. Click for article

Thank you George Steinbrenner for the wonderful times and memories. Thank you for keeping the New York Yankees team and organization in Bronx, New York. It gave me and many other fans the opportunity to witness and experience a spectacular sports team like the New York Yankees make history time and time again. Mrs. Steinbrenner, Hank and Hal The Calliste family (true Bronx New Yorkers) send our condolences to you and your surviving family members.

David Cashman you are as much a part of the Steinbrenner family and most people do not even realize that. Thank you for staying in New York and delivering champions.

Thank you Mrs. Steinbrenner for supporting your husband for over 35 years in his quest for excellence and relentless drive to be a champion. In my opinion Mr & Mrs Steinbrenner are the true New York Yankees and Champions in the Bronx. Thank you.

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You go Hank Steinbrenner

Mr. H. way to go! I say, “Mr. H. let them know what’s really on your mind.” In a reply, (see “Report: Hank Steinbrenner fires back at Torre”, October 21, 2007) to Joe Torre’s recent public response and denial of a one year contract extension it seems to me and it’s purely speculation since I do not know Hank, in my opinion what I believe Mr. H. (that’s what I have decided to name Hank Steinbrenner – Mr. H.), what I think Mr. H. really wanted to say is, “You don’t tell us how to spend our money, we’ll tell you how we’ll spend our money.”

Simply put even if that’s not what he was thinking (remember I am not a naysayer) I like this Hank Steinbrenner guy. You set the tone baby. Now that’s a true New Yorker response.

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The Cleveland Indians SUCK Go Yankees

Well it’s no surprise Yankees fans that our “Bronx Boomers” spanked the Cleveland Indians. ALL YEAR LONG!!

Tue 4/17 @NYY 10, CLE 3
Wed 4/18 @NYY 9, CLE 2
Thu 4/19 @NYY 8, CLE 6
Fri 8/10 NYY 6, @CLE 1
Sat 8/11 NYY 11, @CLE 2
Sun 8/12 NYY 5, @CLE 3

There are certain people out there (hmmmm) who thought maybe the Indians could win these three games at home…NOT!!! The Yankees got their number!! Maybe next year…NOT!!! GO YANKEES!! Ohio is still cool but “I luv New York”. It’s just those “darn whipper snapper” Cleveland Indians – they suck.!! See you guys soon. MUAH!!

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