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Hashim to perform 25 year anniversary events in 2010

Well I guess it was inevitable that I would go back in the studio to write, produce and  then on the road to perform again.  Hashim Music (the publisher) turns 25 this year and will celebrate with a series of events throughout the U.S. and abroad.

The last time Cutting Records recording and performing artist Hashim played out was back in 1986 to a sold out crowd of 15,000+ at the older Wembley Arena in England. Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambaataa, Mantronix both Roxanne’s, Sir Mix Alot the Aleems and other artists were on the bill.

Although I (Hashim) was invited to perform at Brixton Academy in 2003 due to the double booking of two other artists (not related to Hashim in anyway) on the same ticket the promoter had to cancel the event. I was ready with breakdancers and all and looking forward to that event. But I guess stuff happens.

Now in 2010 I am invited to perform an electronic music festival in Detroit. I’m really hoping this event goes through. It’s time I get out there again and share my music past and present. The event will take place this May 29th through June 1st.

As recent as late 2009 Hashim’s music is being pitted against Daf Punk’s music on video game producer and distributor Activision’s DJ Hero Renegade Edition. The licensing has been trememndous over the past few years. I, Hashim appear on 75+ dance music compilation’s primarily in Europe, Grand Theft Auto Vice City’s (2003) Wild Style radio station, the sound track, game track and tv commercial and Sony Computer Entertaiment of America (SCEA) NBA Shootout 2004.  So  “Just feel it!” and let’s get this party started yall!

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Follow Hashim on twitter @hashimmusic, on facebook the Hashim Music group page the facebook Hashim fan page the MySpace page and check out his personal site for all the latest updates and event information.

© 2010 Jerry Calliste Jr. & All Rights Reserved.


Reuters, "Record labels sue Guns 'n' Roses for copying songs"

Reuters, “Record labels sue Guns ‘n’ Roses for copying songs”


Forrester to music industry; It's the consumer stupid

Wired article by Elliot Van Bushkirk “Forrester to music industry; It’s the consumer stupid” comes at a time when we in the music industry are discussing how to create a new standard of business. More on the new standard of business in follow up blog post.


Newsfactor, "YouTube and Warner Music Kiss and Make Up"

Newsfactor, “YouTube and Warner Music Kiss and Make Up” by Jennifer LeClaire