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Horrendous form: NY Giants lose in pathetic fashion to Vick and Eagles | @jerrycallistejr

NY Giants Coach Tom Coughlin before Eagles vs Giants Dec 19, 2010

NY Giants Coach Tom Coughlin before Eagles vs Giants Dec 19, 2010 (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

Do you think Tiki Barber jinxed the Giants today? Tiki was on the sidelines before today’s game. What a horrible way for the #NYGiants to finish the year losing twice to the #Eagles. Losing is not bad. You can learn from your mistakes and loses. So you think. #Giants up 24 – 3 at the half. First half  the Giants defense, #Manning to #Manningham and Hicks was good football.

The defense seemed to be cranking on all cylinders, but I noticed something. As I was working on company business I kept peaking over and looking at the ESPN Fantasy Football Game Cast. I noticed the Giants running game was almost non-existent. #Bradshaw and #Jacobs to beast in the run game the past two – three weeks just didn’t have enough carries.

Running the ball wears down the defense, runs out the clock and can keep the defense guessing about the passing game. A good run attack sets up play-action play. Where was the run game? Why did #TomCoughlin and crew abandon the run? The very success that got the Giants to 9 – 4 to begin with.

Eventually Manning and the Giants couching staff decided to include #Boss. I felt Boss should have been utilized earlier and more often with #SteveSmith out for the rest of the season.

I’m looking forward to actually watching the game on NFL Rewind later this evening or Replay. Once I have an opportunity to actually see the game I will come back to this post and add additional comments.

But nonetheless the NY Giants sucked today and probably knocked themselves out of playoff contention. All rookie punter #MattDodge has to do is kick the ball out of bounds and the game most likely heads to overtime tied 31 – 31. Of course the GMen would still have Vick and his fast legs to worry about in OT. But with :14 seconds Matt Dodge kicks a line drive punt to DeSean Jackson who muffs punt and was almost the games goat to miraculously recovering for a game winning 65 yd return for his first punt return for a TD this season. My goodness. Congratulations #MichaelVick and the Philadelphia Eagles and Eagle fans. Job well done. The Eagles earned it.


Giants off to good start

The New York Giants are off to a great start this year. As you all know I am a die hard Giants fan. Yes I know I missed posting my comments about “The Catch” and Strahan’s retirement but I assure you I will get caught up. But right now let’s all bask in the glory of the 3 and 0 and enjoy this weeks game against Seattle. It looks like the Giants will soon be 4 and 0.

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It's official Giants Super Bowl XLII Champions

It’s official the Giants beat the Patriots! In what has to be one of the best, spectacular, unpredictable, superb and stellar wins in NFL history. The New York Giants against all odds and above all else majority of the sports analyst’s predictions beat the New England Patriots 17 – 14 in Super Bowl XLII. I’ll repeat myself this has to be one of the biggest upsets in all of sports history which makes it that much sweeter.

Check my earlier post titled Super Bowl Sunday Super Tuesdayy. Well what does Super Bowl Sunday have to do with Super Tuesday? The Giants Super Bowl win ticker tape parade will be held in New York City on Super Tuesday (unless they postpone the date). In preseason watching these guys play I knew they were a special team. On my profile “jicici” I boldly predicted the New York Giants will win the division. Well they well exceeded that goal. Great job New York Giants!! WOW! What a season. Thank you.

More information and video segment postings to come-

Here’s the first of many compliments of

1. SB XLII: Eli Manning highlights

2. SB XLII: Plaxico highlights

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Congratulations Jerry Reese new Giants GM we owe you one

New York Giants fans among the other staff members have Jerry Reese the new Giants GM to thank for a wonderful season. Behind this link NFLTA: Sabol’s shot – Giants Steve Sabol discusses how New York Giant new general manager Jerry Reese selected 8 of the New York Giants draft picks and molded this team to victory in his first season as GM.

Courtesy of’s NFL Video Galleries NFLTA: Sabol’s shot – Giants

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Giants win Packers packing

Well I was just here about a week ago when the New York Giants beat the Dallas Cowboys. This week I am happy to announce the New York Giants beat the Green bay Packers and sent the cheese heads packing for the rest of the season. I called it before the season began on my ESPN.COM account and posted this message “Giants will win the division.” Needless to say people thought I was crazy except for us dedicated Giants fans. Thank you New York Giants.

More info about the Giants amazing run to be Super Bowl Champions and video highlight posts to come.

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Congratulations New York Giants

I was critical about Strahan and a few of the players before the season started on I did predict that the Giants will win the Super Bowl though (on before the season started. CONGRATULATIONS NEW YORK GIANTS!! Thank you for all the excitement the effort and let’s make it happen. Coach Coughlin and staff great job.

GO G-MEN !! We got this one.

Here’s Strahan and Coach Coughlin after the game against Dallas.

Strahan on the field interview (courtesy

Coach Coughlin post game interview (courtesy


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