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3 Ways To Kick Start Your Business – Entrepreneur

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entrepreneur_imagesAccording to Erika Napoletano 2012, “Um, hello–it’s Q4, time to pull your head out of 2012 and start thinking about upping your business game in the coming year. The first tool for the job? My foot planted firmly (and repeatedly) on your backside. I’m going to help push your business forward by making you face up to some tough issues.” > Click to Read More


Management Tip of the Day: Don’t Ignore Your Gen-Xers | HBR | Reuters



#genx #leaders #leadershipchat #management @callistecomm According to “”Generation X,” those born between 1965 and 1978, has been overshadowed by the demographic behemoths bracketing them – greying, retirement-delaying Baby Boomers and leapfrogging Millennials. But no company can afford to ignore them, says Harvard Business Review.

The Management Tip of the Day offers quick, practical management tips and ideas from Harvard Business Review and ( Any opinions expressed are not endorsed by Reuters.

“Generation X may be a smaller population than Baby Boomers or Millennials, but it wields great influence in today’s organizations. People in this generation are the all-important bench strength for aging leadership.

To keep them around, here’s how to keep them engaged…” Read more >


Use Whitman and Jobs as Your Role Models | TechRepublic

#leadership #leader #tech #consulting #callistecomm According to John McKee 2011, “Takeaway: Today — more than ever — says executive leadership coach John M. McKee, leaders need to be guided by the right role models. He explains why Jobs and Whitman are those role models.

Regardless of industry, organization, gender, or even country, the leaders who are the most successful are usually very savvy at getting their own way. Because of that, they make massive impacts and leave their mark on the organization or even industry.” Read more >;content


Best Leaders Know What They Stand For | TechRepublic

#leadership #leader #tech #consulting #callistecomm According to John McKee 2011, “Takeaway: Ever notice that some leaders and some organizations seem to be able to move forward in any environment, while others seem stalled? There’s a reason for this, says executive leadership coach John M. McKee.

Why do some leaders, even those with very little education, like Sam Walton of Wal-Mart, make more effective bosses than others who have studied the theories of management for years?” Read more >;content


HP’s CEO Failure was Lack of Leadership Savvy | TechRepublic

tn-hp-logo#leadership #leaders #tech #innovation According to John McKee 2011, “Takeaway: It’s not what you’re selling — it’s what you stand for. For both leaders and organizations it’s important to keep this rule of success in mind.

Recently fired Hewlett-Packard CEO Leo Apotheker set at least one new record during his brief tenure — the company lost nearly $40B in value during his 11-month rein. He wasn’t the first choice of everyone on the board when he replaced Mark Hurd; some decision makers had apparently doubted if he had the right stuff. To his credit, Apotheker was savvy enough to negotiate himself a nice “parting gift,” reportedly worth about $25M in money and stock as a severance package. But based on readers’ comments about my blog in August where I cited HP, I’m guessing his payout has outraged many who still care about the company.

” Read more >;content


How ‘master innovators’ play by different rules | TechRepublic

#innovation #leadership #leaders #tech According to Jason Hiner 2011, “Takeaway: IT executives are under increasing pressure to become innovation leaders. These secrets from master innovators could hold the key.

Technology is all about innovation, or at least it’s supposed to be since we live in an era of sweeping technological progress. Unfortunately, a lot of IT departments are so bogged down in maintaining old systems and keeping the world running that they spend very little time looking for a better way. As a result, a lot of IT leaders are increasingly feeling the heat to break out of that cycle and become innovation leaders.” Read more >;roto-fd-feature