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The Brady Bunch? nah The Spagnuolo Bunch yes

On Super Bowl Sunday New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady probably felt like he was an actor in a rerun episode of the popular American television show The Brady Bunch. Unfortunately for Brady and his bunch the New England Patriots, they met up with whom I have dubbed the “Spagnuolo Bunch” the New York Giants defense and was given a taste of reality TV.

Unlike the old television show where you had Mike, Greg, Peter and Bobby a safe middle class family from suburban America, Steve Spagnuolo the defensive coordinator for the New York Giants delivered his reality version of Osi, Michael, Justin, Kawika, Antonio, and Jay. Who are DE Osi Umenyiora, DE Michael Strahan, DE Justin Tuck, LB Kawika Mitchell, LB Antonio Pierce and DT Jay Alford. A few more members than the Brady Bunch TV show and a nouveau bunch of players to say the least.

The “Spagnuolo Bunch” created what could be deemed a force majeure instituted by Mara, Spagnuolo, Coughlin & Reese. There were of course other members of the Giants defense that played a role in disrupting Tom Brady and cutting the Patriots down to size.

When you look at the first match up between the Giants and the Patriots where most analysts figured Coughlin to be crazy to play his starters, Spagnuolo did a wonderful job at the Meadowlands against the Patriots. In that last game of the regular season Spagnuolo got the Patriots offense to play hard and all out against a team that had nothing to gain. That was brilliant. Spagnuolo flushed out the opponent and allowed the oppositions machismo to get the best of them. I can see where that allowed the Giants to gain a) much needed experience against the NFL’s best at that time, b) footage in order to show the Giants football players what they did wrong and what they did right so they could improve all aspects of their game, c) gain momentum and build an overwhelming level of confidence leading into the playoffs.

I would guess Spagnuolo is a good Texas Hold’em poker player. In my observation at Dallas and Greenbay Spagnuolo only exposed what was necessary to slow down the other teams offense and get New York Giant quarterback Eli Manning and the offense the ball. This would allow Eli and New York Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gillbride and the rest of the offensive coaching squad to do their job while Giants coach Coughlin let everybody breathe. He coached.

Before Sunday’s Super Bowl the New England Patriots were averaging over 30+ points per game on offense. In contrast to their average points per game Brady and his offense only scored a total of 14 points in Super Bowl XLII. During the week leading up to the Super Bowl Tom Brady responded to New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress when Buress predicated the Giants will win 23 – 17. According to the Associated Press 2008, “We’re only going to score 17 points?” Brady said Wednesday morning before chuckling. “OK. Is Plax playing defense? “I wish he had said 45-42 and gave us a little credit for more points.” Well Brady was correct in predicting a 3pt lost and not correct in regards to the Patriots scoring more points. Plaxico with yet another win.

I believe (we will have to check the exact time) the Giants defense held the Patriots to 7 points for three and one half quarters or 52.5 minutes of a 60 minute game before Brady finally hooked up with New England Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss for a touchdown in the fourth quarter. That touchdown to Moss would not be a enough to stave off the Giants offense and Eli Manning connecting to Plaxico of all players for the Giants game winner.

Absent from this years New York Giants Super Bowl Championship team and I love these players for what they have contributed to the Giants organization in previous seasons is retired New York Giants running back Tiki Barber and the injured New York Giant starting tight end Jeremy Shockey. Tiki, in so many words claimed Eli Manning was soft spoken and didn’t have what it takes to lead the team. Shockey could be seen on the sidelines intensely displaying his disgust for Manning not getting him the ball. There’s positive intensity and negative intensity. Positive and constructive criticism and negative non-productive criticism. In my opinion both Barber and Shockey exerted negative non-productive criticisms. Could the Giants have won Super Bowl XLII with Barber and Shockey? Hmmm I doubt it. But we will never know for certain since right now this game is in the history books. One thing for certain is Shockey will receive a coveted Super Bowl XLII ring.

So congratulations Spagnuolo for a brilliant defensive scheme and for allowing your “bunch” to do the unexpected.

Enjoy these highlights of the New York Giants or how I like to refer to them now “The Spagnuolo Bunch” and their defensive schemes as presented by’s NFL Video Galleries.

1. SB XLII: Giants defensive highlights


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It's official Giants Super Bowl XLII Champions

It’s official the Giants beat the Patriots! In what has to be one of the best, spectacular, unpredictable, superb and stellar wins in NFL history. The New York Giants against all odds and above all else majority of the sports analyst’s predictions beat the New England Patriots 17 – 14 in Super Bowl XLII. I’ll repeat myself this has to be one of the biggest upsets in all of sports history which makes it that much sweeter.

Check my earlier post titled Super Bowl Sunday Super Tuesdayy. Well what does Super Bowl Sunday have to do with Super Tuesday? The Giants Super Bowl win ticker tape parade will be held in New York City on Super Tuesday (unless they postpone the date). In preseason watching these guys play I knew they were a special team. On my profile “jicici” I boldly predicted the New York Giants will win the division. Well they well exceeded that goal. Great job New York Giants!! WOW! What a season. Thank you.

More information and video segment postings to come-

Here’s the first of many compliments of

1. SB XLII: Eli Manning highlights

2. SB XLII: Plaxico highlights

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Giants win Packers packing

Well I was just here about a week ago when the New York Giants beat the Dallas Cowboys. This week I am happy to announce the New York Giants beat the Green bay Packers and sent the cheese heads packing for the rest of the season. I called it before the season began on my ESPN.COM account and posted this message “Giants will win the division.” Needless to say people thought I was crazy except for us dedicated Giants fans. Thank you New York Giants.

More info about the Giants amazing run to be Super Bowl Champions and video highlight posts to come.

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Congratulations New York Giants

I was critical about Strahan and a few of the players before the season started on I did predict that the Giants will win the Super Bowl though (on before the season started. CONGRATULATIONS NEW YORK GIANTS!! Thank you for all the excitement the effort and let’s make it happen. Coach Coughlin and staff great job.

GO G-MEN !! We got this one.

Here’s Strahan and Coach Coughlin after the game against Dallas.

Strahan on the field interview (courtesy

Coach Coughlin post game interview (courtesy


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Happy Holidays!!

Happy holidays to everyone, “Eid Mubarack”, “Happy Hanukkah” and “Merry Christmas” to all. This holiday season I decided to reach out and network with new people and also get in touch with some old acquaintances and friends. From New York to Sweden and the U.S.A. to China it was a blast. I spoke with many people in some instances their parents, old friends and of course some of my own family members. Some not surprisingly were M.I.A. Well the new year is right around the corner and maybe the new year will bring renewed relationships for all. The World certainly needs it. If everyone renews its relationships with one another we will have a safer and more peaceful world.

I had a blast this holiday season and I hope all of you did as well. Happy birthday Nana I love you MUAH!!

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You go Hank Steinbrenner

Mr. H. way to go! I say, “Mr. H. let them know what’s really on your mind.” In a reply, (see “Report: Hank Steinbrenner fires back at Torre”, October 21, 2007) to Joe Torre’s recent public response and denial of a one year contract extension it seems to me and it’s purely speculation since I do not know Hank, in my opinion what I believe Mr. H. (that’s what I have decided to name Hank Steinbrenner – Mr. H.), what I think Mr. H. really wanted to say is, “You don’t tell us how to spend our money, we’ll tell you how we’ll spend our money.”

Simply put even if that’s not what he was thinking (remember I am not a naysayer) I like this Hank Steinbrenner guy. You set the tone baby. Now that’s a true New Yorker response.

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Yankees will get new manager

Well the New York Yankees will have to locate a new manager for the up coming 2008 season and foreseeable future. It’s official, Joe Torre is now former New York Yankee manager. Joe Torre passed on an incentives based contract offered by the New York Yankee club house.

According to 2007, “When he (Torre) heard the offer – $5 million for next year and the chance to earn $3 million more in bonuses – he knew the team’s management wanted him to walk.” New York’s offer included $3 million in bonuses if the Yankees reached next year’s World Series — $1 million for each round reached — and an $8 million option for 2009 that would have become guaranteed if New York won the AL pennant.”

People I say, “What’s wrong with that?” “Torre just completed a $19.2 million, three-year contract. The Chicago Cubs‘ Lou Piniella was the second-highest paid manager at $3.5 million ( 2007b).” Torre made on average $6.4 million on $19.2 million for three years. The new deal has the potential for Torre to make if I’m not mistaken, $8.0 million when the New York Yankees win the World Series in 2008. He is actually being offered $1.6 million dollars more than he was previously paid each of the past three years (if you average his $19.2 MM salary over the term of the agreement). Then if the New York Yankees win the World Series he would stay on as manager going into the 2009 season and start that year off right where he left off at $8.0 million. “What’s wrong with that?”

Torre would only be taking a pay cut in the 2008 season if he thinks he can’t deliver a World Series. Does Torre think he can’t deliver?

“”Under this new offer, he would continue to be the highest-paid manager in major league baseball,” team president Randy Levine said. “We thought that we need to go to a performance-based model, having nothing to do with Joe Torre’s character, integrity or ability. We just think it’s important to motivate people (, 2007c).”

“Torre called Cashman on Tuesday and asked to meet with the 77-year-old Steinbrenner and the owners’ sons, Hal and Hank, who have taken an increased role in recent months. They spent an hour together, and then Torre was gone (, 2007d).”

“Steinbrenner let his sons do the talking (, 2007e).” I must say it is condescending to have Steinbrenner’s sons “do most of the talking” especially after 12 years and during a situation like this.

As a dedicated New York Yankees fan for many years, I was born in Bronx, New York on the Concourse at Misericordia Hospital in 1965, not far from Yankee Stadium and I still have family that lives 4 blocks from the stadium, so I am a true New York Yankees fan I want braggin rights, I want wins and I definitely want to see the New York Yankees win the World Series. That’s the bottom line

With the so called stellar roster we had this year we did not deliver. The New York Yankees did not deliver. So in my opinion the organization has to take a hard look at all of the expenses especially administration costs. This is New York City not Kansas City. In a big time city you have to produce big time results or step aside. If you want quiet go to Kansas City. We are in New York where we make noise and want to see good results. World Series rings.

In reference to quotes in this post from other web sites it must be noted that third party sites update their stories on a day to day basis. Some of the references may deem to be inaccurate due to an updated article. At the time of this blog posting the references were accurate and posted according to APA style citation.

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A Word to the Yankees and Mr. Deep Pockets

With all the money Steinbrenner pays for all that talent on the Yankees bench the Yankees should have been winning the game by more than 1 run before the bugs arrived at Jacobs Field. There is no excuse for the bugs. Yes they were annoying but so is watching a bunch of extremely well paid men, cuh-millionaires not getting the job done when it counted most. So the Yankees swept the Indians this 2007 season. So what. That doesn’t matter if you lose the MLB ALDS 2007 playoffs three games to one.

Yankees, great attempt to try and win the division. Unfortunately I will harp on this until the angels sing. The Yankees with all the pay and talent should have been leading the way all season long. It’s the Boston Red Sox’s that should have been playing catch up.

Wang, Petite, Hughes and Chamberlain thank you for some exciting stuff. Clemens and Mussina it’s about that time. Clemens, dude. A hammie in the playoffs (if I’m not mistaken) AGAIN!!. At 40 plus you don’t know your body by now? Dude (Calliste musters up a look of bewilderment)? Mussina at $17 million per year. Give it up. In all due respect and in my opinion Mus I’m sure you are surrounded by beautiful people that would love to see more of you.

I also think some of the players should consider giving a portion of their salaries back to the organization due to lack of performance. Steinbrenner there’s an idea. For example, there are citizens of New York who work hard for their salaries, earn less than or an average of $80K per year, and in New York city that’s no money. They buy season tickets that assists in paying those high player salaries but let one of the citizens consistently mail a presentation to the wrong address or not meet their quarterly sales goals (year after year). They are let go with the quickness. Fired. Adios amigo. So how do you expect us the fans to keep hearing about this player making $17 million this year and that player is making $20+ million that year but they can’t deliver a first round playoff win? It’s their job to do so.

Steinbrenner and Cashman (if Cashman stays) moving forward think incentive. Once you pay out multi-millions of dollars to players the desire to work over and beyond is gone. That youthful adrenaline is gone. The marquee name in baseball does not equate to stellar performance. It’s satisfactory at best. The player has already reached one of their goals “extreme financial security”. Another, “marquee player”. The marquee rewards them lovely in endorsement income. They are set mentally (relaxed) there is no need to work hard to win. The mind is what drives, moves and motivates the body. This is a physical game. Not boxing or football physical but physical and psychological. It’s taxing on the mind and body at 30+ years old. I’m sure some of the players and their wives will agree. Day in and day out traveling from city to city. Their ankles, wrists, knees, elbows, necks, shoulders, backs, HAMSTRINGS and the players minds they just do not perform the same way anymore.

Their joints and tendons don’t realize the value of a brand name of a marquee baseball player. Their joints and tendons don’t realize, “Oh this is so and so the multi-million dollar marquee player so we need to deliver stellar performance.” Their joints and tendons are saying, ” Hey we could care less who you are, multi-million dollar marquee player and what you’re thinking up there. We are not doing that.”

Yes this player performed well in the early 1900’s (exaggeration of course) but that was then. So did Reggie Jackson 🙂 but we aren’t looking to pay him $50 million dollars next year to play for the Yankees – again. Get my drift? Either you had them on the team the year they delivered stellar performances and reaped the benefit or you missed the opportunity.

The question for this multi-million dollar pay moving forward is – what can you do today and throughout this season? What can you do for the team and this organization? With this manager and these teammates? Realistically how healthy are you? How productive are you and will you remain throughout the season? How healthy do you eat? Are you willing to stick to your daily regime of workout and nutrition? We all know they don’t get enough rest between games. Sleep is important for the muscles to recuperate.

Millions of dollars is just not going to change the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day and back to back to back to back to back games. In New York City one day then Kansas City the next on to Baltimore then Toronto and so on. The routing of the season games are not conducive to good health. There is not enough recuperation time between games. But that’s one reason why you should not pay exorbitant salaries.

You can for instance, reward a player for a job well done with bonuses AFTER they complete ‘performance stages’ throughout the year. This way they know the opportunity is there to earn $20+ million by years end but right now their only seeing maybe $10 million with a $10 million dollar salary increase based on their attendance and performance. I think the entire league, players and owners need to get a realistic grip on salary spending or restructure how players are paid or we will see fan rebellion once again really soon. Due to ticket prices potentially rising to pay these player salaries. It also doesn’t help that we currently have a President of the United States whose cabinet doesn’t spend more time on the economy.

I would pay the players a realistic base salary based on current health, ability, prior injuries and the lack thereof, then consider their overall prior performance (batting, pitching, fielding). Paying more attention to the ‘now’ more so than the ‘past’. The performance a player delivered a year ago or three to five years earlier as we can see with the Yankee’s players is not necessarily what you get present day.

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Cleveland Indians congratulations you earned it

Congratulations to the Cleveland Indians players and organization. For those of you that do not know the Cleveland Indians took out the New York Yankees in the ALDS 2007 3 games to 1. They took out the NY Yankees in the Bronx, my birthplace which is more insulting. I have a lot of Ohioans that are friends and associates that love the Indians. They are also loving the fact that the Yankees went down in defeat. The Cleveland Indians even delivered the blow that may get Joe Torre fired after 12 years with the Yankees. Sabathia did a tremendous job in game one. The bugs at Jacobs field? So what. The Cleveland Indians beat the New York Yankees and deserve to enjoy this one for some time to come. Congratulations Indians players and fans and congratulations Cleveland.

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