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Google, Facebook Drive Mobile Ad Market Growth: Report – Reuters

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According to Alexei Oreskovic 2012, “Google Inc’s mobile ad revenue in the United States will be roughly $4 billion next year, while Facebook Inc’s nascent mobile advertising business will more than double, according to a new study by research firm eMarketer.” Click to Read More >


Google To Merge User Data Across Its Services – CNN

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According to Mark Milian 2012, ” — Google plans to start combining information the company collects about each user of its various websites and services into a single profile, the company announced on Tuesday.

Previously, Google said it did not create comprehensive profiles across its various properties, including its leading search engine, Android smartphone operating system and YouTube video site.

In a statement, Alma Whitten, a Google privacy director, wrote that the changes “will mean a simpler, more intuitive Google experience.” She added, “Our recently launched personal search feature is a good example of the cool things Google can do when we combine information across products.”

That change, called Google Search Plus Your World, brought criticism from rivals Facebook and Twitter, which said that Google+ content now buries their own pages in Google’s search engine, and from people who do not care to use Google’s new social network.” > Click to Read More


5 Ways Social Media Can Ruin Your Reputation | Entrepreneur

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According to Lewis Howes 2012, “Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ allow us to connect with the players in our market. But, when used improperly, social media can be a dangerous platform for entrepreneurs to ruin their reputations.

Here are five ways social media users can destroy their online rep, and tips for steering clear of these costly mistakes:”


Google Recasts Android Market With New Name | Reuters



#tech #google #android #mobile #apps According to Alexei Oreskovic 2012, “Google Inc is renaming its online storefront for music, books and digital goods, its latest move to raise its profile in the market for electronic content sales and to better compete with Apple Inc and Inc.” Read More >


Google+ Off To Better-Than-Expected Start | CNNMoney

Google+#business #socialnetwork #internet #google+ #google According to David Goldman 2011, “The Google+ social network has topped 60 million users, according to founder Paul Allen, who also made the bold prediction late Tuesday that Google+ would reach 400 million users by the end of 2012.

Allen, who calls himself the “unofficial statistician” of Google+, runs hundreds of queries on various surnames on the social network each week. He has been tracking those names since Google first announced that Google+ had reached 10 million users in July.” Read More >


Pure Android + delightful hardware = great dance partners | @Wired #business #android #mobile #smartphones

According to #MathewHonan 201o, “Let’s get this out of the way first: The #NexusS is an excellent phone. It’s not as nice as an #iPhone4 as a complete package. But it’s a great phone on its own merits, and it does even do many things better (connectivity, media-sharing, background processes and notifications). You very well may prefer this to an #iPhone, but it is not an iPhone. If you want an iPhone; you should buy an iPhone. Phew. Now g’head flame away.” Article Continued > #mobile #smartphones #android #consulting @Google @Apple @Callistecomm


Best gadgets and gizmos of 2010 | @Reuters #technology

According to @Reuters here’s the Reuters list of the “Best gadgets and gizmos of 2010” View list and photos #canon #dell #android #samsung #viera3d #nexusone #boxee #kinect


MySpace and Google reach new search, ad deal | @Reuters #business #advertising

According to #JenniferSaba 2010, “@NewsCorp’s social networking site @MySpace and @Google Inc have reached a multiyear search and #advertising agreement, ending months of uncertainty surrounding the #partnership.” Article Continued > #jennifersaba #advertising #business #search #consulting @MySpace @Google @Callistecomm


@Google calls out @Facebook’s data hypocrisy, blocks #Gmail import | @Epicenter | @Wired

According to Ryan Singel 2010, “Facebook has long been a one-way valve. You put data in, so you can connect with friends, and then you can’t get it out and use it the way you would like to, even as the company is trying to corner the market on your identity. And Thursday night Google called out its rival on such data-portability hypocrisy: It banned the huge social network from allowing its users to connect their Gmail contacts to see who among them are also on Facebook to get the friending frenzy started.” Continued here > #socialmedia #datasharing #import #gmail #email #contacts @Epicenter @Wired @Google @Facebook @Jerrycallistejr