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Hungarians Stage Budapest Protest Against Internet Tax | BBC News

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Hungarians hold up cell phones in protest of Internet tax 2014 Photo: PBS TWIMGAccording to Nick Thorpe 2014, “Thousands of protesters in the Hungarian capital Budapest have demanded a halt to a proposed law which would place a tax on internet use. Demonstrators held their mobile phones aloft outside the economy ministry and hurled old computer parts at the gates of the ruling Fidesz party.” Read more >




A Revamped Private Investment Company | @MassimoInvest

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Massimo Investment Associtation, LTD.

Photo: Tooting Bec Commons in Balham, England circa 2013

A revamped investment company for Mr. Calliste Jr. and  a select group of accredited angel investors. You must be an accredited investor as defined by the Securities & Exchange Commission (See Accredited Investors  definition to participate. An Ohio Limited Liability Company since 1995. My personal portfolio focus will of course include projects in Entertainment: Film biz, Music Biz, all in all Media biz + Technology: (Software) On Demand + Streaming Media to computers, tablets and mobile. Mr. Calliste Jr is ideally looking for joint venture partners. Visit the very simple temporary site to get acquainted with my projects The main web site is under development and upon completion we will announce the launch.


7 Things You Didn’t Know That Can Hurt Your Credit Score |

#ritarobison #business #finance #credit #money According to Rita Robison 2011, “Before the computer era, consumers would go to their local banker and provide information on their assets and debts to show that they could afford the loan they were seeking.

In the 1970s, credit scores began being used. They’re based on consumers’ credit histories and estimate the probability consumers will pay back their loans.

The most widely used credit score is the FICO score. Created by the Fair Isaac Corp., FICO scores are three numbers ranging from 300 to 850. A score of 720 is considered good. Consumers with lower scores may be charged higher interest rates or denied loans.” Read more >


Creating Wealth Through Health | Blogs

#wealth #health #finance #consulting According to Dan Ogola 2012, “…My mother, Patricia Ogola, was an uneducated housewife married at the age of 15, and because of the many children she had, she struggled to make ends meet by brewing the local traditional brew. This led to a lot of run-ins with the local policemen who demanded bribes for her to continue making the illicit brew, driving the family into further poverty.

Due to the difficulties in Ugenya for our family, my brothers and I left for Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city, to try and do odd jobs in order to support ourselves and the family back at home.

My mother’s case is a typical case of women in Ugenya. Many were married young and had several children as they were uneducated and did not have access to family planning. Many were also widowed because of HIV/AIDS thus increasing their poverty levels as they were unemployed. Many others also died while giving birth due to inaccessibility of health facilities. Many children also suffered the fate of my brothers.

Women and children in Ugenya need to lead healthy, productive, and prosperous lives.” Read more >


Yahoo CEO Bartz Fired Over The Phone, Rocky Run Ends | Reuters

According to Alexei Oreskovic and Edwin Chan 2011, “Yahoo Inc Chairman Roy Bostock fired CEO Carol Bartz over the phone on Tuesday, ending a tumultuous tenure marked by stagnation and a rift with Chinese partner Alibaba.” Read More > (Yahoo! image is the property of Yahoo! Inc.)


The Economist’s The Economist Innovation Awards and Summit 2011 Oct. 20 – Oct. 21, 2011

economistconferences_theme_logoAccording to the Economist 2011, “Who’s the greatest innovator of all time? Vote Now.” Participate between now and October 14, 2011 to cast your vote . “A Decade of Celebrating World Changing Innovation.”

Economist adds, “About – As we celebrate the tenth anniversary of our Innovation Awards programme, we have created The Anniversary Award –  a one-time honour which recognises the essence of truly great innovation. We are inviting Economist readers and the wider community the opportunity to vote on who of our previous winners is the most significant to them.” Read more >


The Economist’s High Growth Markets Summit Sept. 29 – Sept. 30, 2011

economistconferences_theme_logoThe line-up is phenomenal. The Economist’s High Growth Markets Summit Sept. 29 – Sept. 30, 2011 at the Grand Connaught Rooms, London

According to the Economist Conferences 2011, “There are hundreds of reasons why your company should be investing in high-growth markets; it’s a world of opportunity. But this is a two-way situation: for every new opportunity in a high-growth market there are new high-growth competitors. They operate not only in their home environments but are also expanding globally. Consequently competition is escalating very quickly around the globe. In this new world of hypercompetition, how can businesses operate successfully? What are the strategies companies adopt to stand out?”


EIU: Executive Briefing Joins Forces with Harvard Business Review

eiu_harvard_logo Economist Intelligence Unit and Harvard Business School Publishing have joined forces to create the definitive source of best-practice management thinking and advice for senior managers. I’ve been an EIU executive member panelists for 5+ years now. I enjoy the reports, survey’s and articles. Read More (Image is owned by Economist and Harvard Business Review.)


Analysis: Software M&A heats up as firms battle budget squeeze | @Reuters #finance #business

According to#PaulSandle and #PatriciaWright 2010, “Big-name #technology firms will compete to acquire niche #software groups in 2011 as part of a growth plan they hope will cater to recession-hit clients clamoring for a wider range of services.

Having learned the lessons of the dot-com bubble collapse in 2000, technology companies were quick to cut headcount — their biggest cost — at the start of the downturn.

And with revenues returning to growth, they have pockets full of cash at their disposal.

Major companies, such as IBM (IBM.N) and Oracle (ORCL.O), are buying specialist software makers so they can offer more to corporate customers who need to cut IT budgets, thereby holding on to high margin, long-term maintenance contracts.” Article Continued > #triciawright #paulsandle #finance #business #dealmaker #technology #software #consulting @IBM @Oracle @Reuters @Callistecomm


Analysis: Stars align for Apple at the holidays | @Reuters #finance #business

According to #GabrielMadway 2010, “@Apple Inc’s #iPad and bustling retail #business have encouraged #investors to shrug off the shaky economy and snap up the company’s shares as 2010 comes to a close.” Article Continued > #gabrielmadway #finance #investors #business #sales #iPad #iPod #computers #consulting @Apple @Reuters @Callistecomm