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Google To Merge User Data Across Its Services – CNN

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According to Mark Milian 2012, ” — Google plans to start combining information the company collects about each user of its various websites and services into a single profile, the company announced on Tuesday.

Previously, Google said it did not create comprehensive profiles across its various properties, including its leading search engine, Android smartphone operating system and YouTube video site.

In a statement, Alma Whitten, a Google privacy director, wrote that the changes “will mean a simpler, more intuitive Google experience.” She added, “Our recently launched personal search feature is a good example of the cool things Google can do when we combine information across products.”

That change, called Google Search Plus Your World, brought criticism from rivals Facebook and Twitter, which said that Google+ content now buries their own pages in Google’s search engine, and from people who do not care to use Google’s new social network.” > Click to Read More


3 Low-Cost Tools For Better Virtual Meetings | Entrepreneur

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According to Cynthia Boris “Between clients, consultants, and telecommuters, chances are you work with a lot of people who never step foot inside your office — if you even have a physical office at all. Plenty of entrepreneurs run virtual companies that exist only in cyberspace.

One way to keep employees and clients on the same page is by conducting virtual meetings. But how do you get started? Beyond much-used digital conferencing tools such as Skype or Go2Meeting, a crop of new options have emerged that allow entrepreneurs to efficiently collaborate over video.

Here’s a look at three tools that can help you keep everyone in the loop:…” >  Click to Read More


Good stuff, Jeremiyah Owyang “Web Strategy” blog

#webmarketing #socialmedia #webstrategy – I enjoy the research Jeremiyah Owyang shares through Altimeter Group. Take a look for yourselves.


Analysis: Why Would Anyone Want To Be Yahoo’s CEO? | Reuters

According to Peter Lauria 2011, “There are few surer ways for an executive to lose a good reputation than to be CEO of Yahoo Inc. Just ask Carol Bartz or Terry Semel. As the company searches for Bartz’s replacement, its biggest obstacle is likely the track record of past CEOs after they moved under Yahoo’s figurative purple umbrella.” Read More > yahoo_logo_2


Yahoo CEO Bartz Fired Over The Phone, Rocky Run Ends | Reuters

According to Alexei Oreskovic and Edwin Chan 2011, “Yahoo Inc Chairman Roy Bostock fired CEO Carol Bartz over the phone on Tuesday, ending a tumultuous tenure marked by stagnation and a rift with Chinese partner Alibaba.” Read More > (Yahoo! image is the property of Yahoo! Inc.)


The Economist’s The Economist Innovation Awards and Summit 2011 Oct. 20 – Oct. 21, 2011

economistconferences_theme_logoAccording to the Economist 2011, “Who’s the greatest innovator of all time? Vote Now.” Participate between now and October 14, 2011 to cast your vote . “A Decade of Celebrating World Changing Innovation.”

Economist adds, “About – As we celebrate the tenth anniversary of our Innovation Awards programme, we have created The Anniversary Award –  a one-time honour which recognises the essence of truly great innovation. We are inviting Economist readers and the wider community the opportunity to vote on who of our previous winners is the most significant to them.” Read more >


The Economist’s High Growth Markets Summit Sept. 29 – Sept. 30, 2011

economistconferences_theme_logoThe line-up is phenomenal. The Economist’s High Growth Markets Summit Sept. 29 – Sept. 30, 2011 at the Grand Connaught Rooms, London

According to the Economist Conferences 2011, “There are hundreds of reasons why your company should be investing in high-growth markets; it’s a world of opportunity. But this is a two-way situation: for every new opportunity in a high-growth market there are new high-growth competitors. They operate not only in their home environments but are also expanding globally. Consequently competition is escalating very quickly around the globe. In this new world of hypercompetition, how can businesses operate successfully? What are the strategies companies adopt to stand out?”


Sony launches music streaming service | #musicbiz #business #tech

According to Tomoko A. Hasaka 2010, “@Sony Corp. on Wednesday launched a #music #streaming service in a bid to boost sales of its consumer electronics and break @Apple’s dominance of the #onlinemusic #business. The Japanese company’s “Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity” is a #cloud computing-based, #digital music service that does not involve downloading tracks like Apple’s #iTunes, which started in 2001.” Article Continued > #musicbiz #business #tech #streamingmedia #digitalmedia #digitalmusic #consulting @Sony @Apple @Callistecomm


MySpace and Google reach new search, ad deal | @Reuters #business #advertising

According to #JenniferSaba 2010, “@NewsCorp’s social networking site @MySpace and @Google Inc have reached a multiyear search and #advertising agreement, ending months of uncertainty surrounding the #partnership.” Article Continued > #jennifersaba #advertising #business #search #consulting @MySpace @Google @Callistecomm


Commerce Department seeks Web privacy enforcements | Reuters #privacy

According to #DianeBartz 2010, “The #CommerceDepartment should have its own #privacy office and develop voluntary, enforceable codes of conduct for data companies and #advertisers that track people on the #Internet, said a report by the department’s Internet Policy Task Force.” Article Continued > #dianebartz #Internet #web #privacy #commercedepartment #consulting @Reuters @Callistecomm