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Must Read: Tutu: The Slow Genocide of the Rohingya (People) | Newsweek

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Rohingya migrants who arrived in Indonesia last week by boat walk back after collecting breakfast at a temporary shelter near Langsa on Wednesday. DARREN WHITESIDE/REUTERS

According to the Honorable Archbishop Desmond Tutu 2015, “The credit that is due to the government of Myanmar for reforms undertaken over the past couple of years does not blind us to the ongoing disavowal and repression of its ethnic minorities, the Rohingya population in particular.

A country that is not at peace with itself, that fails to acknowledge and protect the dignity and worth of all its people, is not a free country. Freedom is indivisible. All must be invited. All, a part.

The Rohingya people were not consulted when the British drew the Burmese border on the map. With those strokes of a pen, they became a borderland people; people whose ancestral land traverses political boundaries.”

Read more > Tutu: The Slow Genocide Against the Rohingya (People) | Newsweek


It’s Simple: #BoycottBlackFriday Spending| @CALLISTE

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BND-inverseAccording to @CALLISTE 2014, “In the wake of the continued killing of unarmed youths in America I encourage all my associates, friends and family to #BoycottBlackFriday Thanksgiving holiday spending. We can do it. Plus it sends a very strong message to the establishment. Friday Nov 28 through Monday December 1 try to withdraw from the spending sprees. Support your local mom and pop businesses in your neighborhood. They will appreciate you more.

Years ago, in 1989 a friend and I were passing through Washington Square Park near New York University (NYU). There was a large rowdy crowd arguing about racism. We decided to stop and take in the debate.  A young black man dressed Rasta style “could-be” an NYU student, argued about racial issues in America with a young white “could-be” NYU student. They went back and forth. I finally stepped in and said, “It’s not about white or black. The establishment loves to watch us bicker, fight and kill each other. It’s about green. Dollars and cents. Wealth. How much money you earn and how you distribute it.” The story goes on a little further but you get the purpose of it.

In my observation and experience, capitalism fulls democracy and democracy supposedly spawns freedom. But are we truly free? I think not. In my opinion the minimum wage is a somewhat respectable form of slavery. A new economic slavery. “Go to college, get your degree and you will get a good job.” Really? Where are those good jobs? I read over and over again how college graduates can not find jobs. Well let’s debate this topic. Join in. I would love to read your comments.”

Read Howard Koplowitz IB Times article > Black Friday Boycott: ‘No Jutice, No Profits,’ African-Americans Say After no Indictment For Darren Wilson”


Streets of Ferguson Smolder Day After Jury Declines to Indict |

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I will read the entire transcript before I make my complete views known. In short, I believe justice was not served. A trial would have sufficed. It would have shown the world, not just Americans, the world we truly believe in our penal system of justice. Right now it seems to serve “just-us” and I do not mean just us African Americans either. ~ @CALLISTE

According to Holly Yan, Greg Botelho and Moni Basu 2014, “More than a dozen buildings charred, set ablaze in a wave of fury. Stores — many owned by locals — looted, with shattered glass covering the asphalt outside. Shell casings on the ground, having been fired by unknown shooters. Welcome to Ferguson, Missouri.

This is what Tuesday looked like in Ferguson, hours after an eruption of rage over a grand jury’s decision not to indict Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson in the August shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

Many of those who took to the streets late Monday into Tuesday to vent their feelings about racial injustice — rooted in the fact that Brown was black and Wilson is white — and police violence did so peacefully. Others did not, hurling bottles, batteries and rocks at police.” Read more >


Video: Where Did Wolf Blitzer Get That Name? |

#wolfblitzer #cnn #thedougie #nelsonmandela #andersoncooper #ellen According to 2011, “Did CNN’s Wolf Blitzer make up his name for TV? How does he grow such a great beard? He answers your iReport questions.”


Good stuff, Jeremiyah Owyang “Web Strategy” blog

#webmarketing #socialmedia #webstrategy – I enjoy the research Jeremiyah Owyang shares through Altimeter Group. Take a look for yourselves.


Horrendous form: NY Giants lose in pathetic fashion to Vick and Eagles | @jerrycallistejr

NY Giants Coach Tom Coughlin before Eagles vs Giants Dec 19, 2010

NY Giants Coach Tom Coughlin before Eagles vs Giants Dec 19, 2010 (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

Do you think Tiki Barber jinxed the Giants today? Tiki was on the sidelines before today’s game. What a horrible way for the #NYGiants to finish the year losing twice to the #Eagles. Losing is not bad. You can learn from your mistakes and loses. So you think. #Giants up 24 – 3 at the half. First half  the Giants defense, #Manning to #Manningham and Hicks was good football.

The defense seemed to be cranking on all cylinders, but I noticed something. As I was working on company business I kept peaking over and looking at the ESPN Fantasy Football Game Cast. I noticed the Giants running game was almost non-existent. #Bradshaw and #Jacobs to beast in the run game the past two – three weeks just didn’t have enough carries.

Running the ball wears down the defense, runs out the clock and can keep the defense guessing about the passing game. A good run attack sets up play-action play. Where was the run game? Why did #TomCoughlin and crew abandon the run? The very success that got the Giants to 9 – 4 to begin with.

Eventually Manning and the Giants couching staff decided to include #Boss. I felt Boss should have been utilized earlier and more often with #SteveSmith out for the rest of the season.

I’m looking forward to actually watching the game on NFL Rewind later this evening or Replay. Once I have an opportunity to actually see the game I will come back to this post and add additional comments.

But nonetheless the NY Giants sucked today and probably knocked themselves out of playoff contention. All rookie punter #MattDodge has to do is kick the ball out of bounds and the game most likely heads to overtime tied 31 – 31. Of course the GMen would still have Vick and his fast legs to worry about in OT. But with :14 seconds Matt Dodge kicks a line drive punt to DeSean Jackson who muffs punt and was almost the games goat to miraculously recovering for a game winning 65 yd return for his first punt return for a TD this season. My goodness. Congratulations #MichaelVick and the Philadelphia Eagles and Eagle fans. Job well done. The Eagles earned it.


“Image #rights vs free speech in #video #game suit” | @NYTimes #arizonastate #easports #musicbiz #likeness

@jerrycallistejr says, “I really like this “Image Rights vs Free Speech In Video Game Suit” article by Katie Thomas since I’m constantly in a similar quandary with social media and independent music media networks about the improper and what I believe to be illegal use of my “likeness” image, trade name and trademark Jerry Calliste Jr. Just off the top of my head I am considering filing a couple of lawsuits of my own to combat this flagrant misuse of my likeness. Social media networks @MySpace and @YouTube have communicated with with me and my music publisher to correct the inaccuracy. Both networks I find have pro-active copyright and trademark infringement departments. As of right now I’m working on removals with YouTube’s infringement department. MySpace cleared an issue. Me and @Wikipedia awhile ago worked out a resolution since Wikipedia only allows one page per person and they kept a Jerry Calliste Jr. article created by mediapr and forward other referenced material to that article. The blue and white social book on the other hand hmmm – no comment. I’ll keep you posted.”

According to Katie Thomas 2010, “When Sam Keller, a former quarterback at Arizona State, sued the video game publisher Electronic Arts last year, he was seeking compensation for himself and other college athletes whose names were not used but whose images he contended were being illegally used by the company.” Continued > #arizonastate #easports #legal #law #likeness #musicbiz #samkeller #katiethomas


A Sad Day in Bronx New York Thank You Steinbrenner R.I.P.

Sad day in the Bronx, New York according to ESPN, 2010, “Yankees Steinbrenner dies at 80”. Click for article

Thank you George Steinbrenner for the wonderful times and memories. Thank you for keeping the New York Yankees team and organization in Bronx, New York. It gave me and many other fans the opportunity to witness and experience a spectacular sports team like the New York Yankees make history time and time again. Mrs. Steinbrenner, Hank and Hal The Calliste family (true Bronx New Yorkers) send our condolences to you and your surviving family members.

David Cashman you are as much a part of the Steinbrenner family and most people do not even realize that. Thank you for staying in New York and delivering champions.

Thank you Mrs. Steinbrenner for supporting your husband for over 35 years in his quest for excellence and relentless drive to be a champion. In my opinion Mr & Mrs Steinbrenner are the true New York Yankees and Champions in the Bronx. Thank you.

© 2010 Jerry Calliste Jr. & Photo provided by “sac1129” through PhotoBucket URL links. All Rights Reserved.


Organizing personal blog and social network pages

Well I finally got in here and started organizing my personal blog yesterday (Tuesday) I will try to keep everyone informed since some of you find my travels, past music business experiences, new business ventures ideas and joint ventures, promotions and my fun times are cool.

Go right ahead and post your comments to any of the myriad posts you find. I look forward to networking and interacting with you and learning more about you and your exploits. Be sure to add your Twitter link and Linked In profile link I am phasing out facebook and soon will only connect with family and a select few there. Myspace Well I still need to get in there check out the new themes, widgets and plugins.

So if you want to connect or say something to me just drop me a line here on my personal blog.

© 2010 Jerry Calliste Jr. & All Rights Reserved.


Hashim to perform 25 year anniversary events in 2010

Well I guess it was inevitable that I would go back in the studio to write, produce and  then on the road to perform again.  Hashim Music (the publisher) turns 25 this year and will celebrate with a series of events throughout the U.S. and abroad.

The last time Cutting Records recording and performing artist Hashim played out was back in 1986 to a sold out crowd of 15,000+ at the older Wembley Arena in England. Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambaataa, Mantronix both Roxanne’s, Sir Mix Alot the Aleems and other artists were on the bill.

Although I (Hashim) was invited to perform at Brixton Academy in 2003 due to the double booking of two other artists (not related to Hashim in anyway) on the same ticket the promoter had to cancel the event. I was ready with breakdancers and all and looking forward to that event. But I guess stuff happens.

Now in 2010 I am invited to perform an electronic music festival in Detroit. I’m really hoping this event goes through. It’s time I get out there again and share my music past and present. The event will take place this May 29th through June 1st.

As recent as late 2009 Hashim’s music is being pitted against Daf Punk’s music on video game producer and distributor Activision’s DJ Hero Renegade Edition. The licensing has been trememndous over the past few years. I, Hashim appear on 75+ dance music compilation’s primarily in Europe, Grand Theft Auto Vice City’s (2003) Wild Style radio station, the sound track, game track and tv commercial and Sony Computer Entertaiment of America (SCEA) NBA Shootout 2004.  So  “Just feel it!” and let’s get this party started yall!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Follow Hashim on twitter @hashimmusic, on facebook the Hashim Music group page the facebook Hashim fan page the MySpace page and check out his personal site for all the latest updates and event information.

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