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O..what? O..shhh! Ok I’ll Keep It Clean O-H-I-O! Ohio State beats Michigan State.

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JT Barrett scores against MSU in OSU win 49 - 37.In a rematch of last years Big Ten Championship teams, where Michigan State University’s (MSU) Spartans beat The Ohio State University’s (OSU) Buckeyes (to go on and play in and win last years Rose Bowl. This past Saturday night, in a race for a seeding in the new College Football Playoff race. #14 Ohio State met #8 Michigan State #OSUvsMSU in an away game. We knew the game would be a smash mouth, highly athletic make it or break it game. The two teams did not disappoint. The result? A great game between two great Big Ten Conference teams with Ohio State as the victors 49 – 37. ~ @CALLISTE

J.T. Barrett’s Big Night Carries Buckeyes To Statement Win Over Spartans

According to 2014, “Now it’s Ohio State’s turn to lobby for a berth in the college football playoff — a thought that seemed pretty far-fetched when the Buckeyes lost their quarterback and struggled through the first couple weeks of the season. With J.T. Barrett performing brilliantly in place of an injured Braxton Miller, there’s no longer any doubt who the Big Ten’s top contender is in the national title race. Barrett threw for three touchdowns and ran for two more in a sensational performance, and No. 14 Ohio State scored almost at will against Michigan State’s vaunted defense, beating the eighth-ranked Spartans 49-37 on Saturday night.

With one overwhelming offensive display, the Buckeyes re-established themselves as the Big Ten’s dominant team under coach Urban Meyer, avenged their loss to Michigan State in last year’s conference title game, and boosted their case for a berth in the sport’s new four-team playoff.” Read more >


Throwback: #tbt GO BUCKEYES! @CALLISTE with Eddie George @EddieGeorge2727 and Alonzo Shavers @InfiniteSports #cbus #mekka #2000

(L to R) Heisman trophy winner, former Dallas Cowboy & Tennessee Titan Eddie George, @CALLISTE and sports agent and scout Alonzo Shares (Infinite Sports).

(l to r) At Mekka in Columbus, OH, 2000, The Ohio State University star RB, Heisman trophy winner, former Dallas Cowboy & Tennessee Titan NFL legend Eddie George, @CALLISTE and sports agent and scout Alonzo Shavers (Infinite Sports).

#tbt #eddiegeorge #alonzoshavers #cbus #columbus #mekka #2000

Jerry Calliste Jr. @CALLISTE (center) at Mekka with The Ohio State University star RB, Heisman Trophy winner and former Dallas Cowboys and Tennessee Titans NFL football legend Eddie George @EddieGeorge2727 (left) and Alonzo Shavers @InfiniteSports (right). Now I’m not exactly sure of the year could be 1998 but I think this event was in 2000 #cbus #2000.



Topless Ukraine Activist Grabs Euro Soccer Cup | Reuters

#activist #ukraine #eurocup #futbol #soccer #reuters According to Richard Balmforth 2012, “A Ukrainian women’s rights activist stripped to the waist and seized the Euro-2012 soccer trophy while it was on public display in Kiev on Saturday in a protest against the forthcoming month-long championship.” Read more >


He sold the “gold pants” trinket!

(Since I originally drafted this blog post back on 12/25/2010 the players have apologized and will sit out a number of games this 2011 season). Here’s what I had to say back when it first happened…

The headline reads “@OhioState football players sanctioned” Now fellas come on. Mr. Terrelle Pryor I understand you’re young and will make mistakes but to sell the “gold pants” trinket? My goodness. You beat “that team up North” which is every @OhioState football players dream and goal to do. Some guys never win the gold pants trinket for such an accomplishment. By winning you are in a special elite group of accomplished players. Yes it’s a trinket but it means so much to the players, the university, #Buckeye nation and fans. To sell tradition so wantonly really brings into question your loyalty and your leadership to your team, your players, your family. Now your name will be mentioned for as long as there is an Ohio State football team as the guy who sold the “gold pants”.

Trivia questions far and near will relentlessly post the question, “What Ohio State QB who beat “that team up North” went on to sell the traditional “gold pants trinket”? I know I shouldn’t be so hard on you. I made mistakes too. I sold some of the rights (only parts I had 100% and sold 50%) of certain copyrights to a small portion of my catalog (songs). Regrettably. Since then I have gained an understanding that “once in a lifetime achievements” should not be sold and memorabilia is not to be placed for sale. No monetary value can replace all the hard work and dedication, sweat, pain and agony it took to achieve those pants. It’s just not worth it.


Are you winning? | @jerrycallistejr

Tigerblood Golfball

At the "Zenith" the "Pinnacle"

– @jerrycallistejr Are you winning? @charliesheen Is! #tigerblood is at the “ZENITH” of a winners character. Start winning! Visit #charliesheen #fastball #golfball


Horrendous form: NY Giants lose in pathetic fashion to Vick and Eagles | @jerrycallistejr

NY Giants Coach Tom Coughlin before Eagles vs Giants Dec 19, 2010

NY Giants Coach Tom Coughlin before Eagles vs Giants Dec 19, 2010 (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

Do you think Tiki Barber jinxed the Giants today? Tiki was on the sidelines before today’s game. What a horrible way for the #NYGiants to finish the year losing twice to the #Eagles. Losing is not bad. You can learn from your mistakes and loses. So you think. #Giants up 24 – 3 at the half. First half  the Giants defense, #Manning to #Manningham and Hicks was good football.

The defense seemed to be cranking on all cylinders, but I noticed something. As I was working on company business I kept peaking over and looking at the ESPN Fantasy Football Game Cast. I noticed the Giants running game was almost non-existent. #Bradshaw and #Jacobs to beast in the run game the past two – three weeks just didn’t have enough carries.

Running the ball wears down the defense, runs out the clock and can keep the defense guessing about the passing game. A good run attack sets up play-action play. Where was the run game? Why did #TomCoughlin and crew abandon the run? The very success that got the Giants to 9 – 4 to begin with.

Eventually Manning and the Giants couching staff decided to include #Boss. I felt Boss should have been utilized earlier and more often with #SteveSmith out for the rest of the season.

I’m looking forward to actually watching the game on NFL Rewind later this evening or Replay. Once I have an opportunity to actually see the game I will come back to this post and add additional comments.

But nonetheless the NY Giants sucked today and probably knocked themselves out of playoff contention. All rookie punter #MattDodge has to do is kick the ball out of bounds and the game most likely heads to overtime tied 31 – 31. Of course the GMen would still have Vick and his fast legs to worry about in OT. But with :14 seconds Matt Dodge kicks a line drive punt to DeSean Jackson who muffs punt and was almost the games goat to miraculously recovering for a game winning 65 yd return for his first punt return for a TD this season. My goodness. Congratulations #MichaelVick and the Philadelphia Eagles and Eagle fans. Job well done. The Eagles earned it.


Source: Derek #Jeter, #Yanks Agree | @ESPN #nyyankees #yankees #derekjeter

According to Wallace Matthew and Andrew Marchand 2010, “Derek Jeter agreed to a new contract with the New York Yankees on Saturday afternoon, a source with knowledge of the negotiations said. Earlier Saturday, two sources said the #Yankees and their captain were hoping to finish a contract that would pay #Jeter approximately $17 million a year for three seasons with an optional fourth year at a lower salary, although those terms were among the details still to be worked out.” Article Continued > #wallacematthew #andrewmarchand #yankees #newyorkyankees #derekjeter @NYYankeesPR


“Image #rights vs free speech in #video #game suit” | @NYTimes #arizonastate #easports #musicbiz #likeness

@jerrycallistejr says, “I really like this “Image Rights vs Free Speech In Video Game Suit” article by Katie Thomas since I’m constantly in a similar quandary with social media and independent music media networks about the improper and what I believe to be illegal use of my “likeness” image, trade name and trademark Jerry Calliste Jr. Just off the top of my head I am considering filing a couple of lawsuits of my own to combat this flagrant misuse of my likeness. Social media networks @MySpace and @YouTube have communicated with with me and my music publisher to correct the inaccuracy. Both networks I find have pro-active copyright and trademark infringement departments. As of right now I’m working on removals with YouTube’s infringement department. MySpace cleared an issue. Me and @Wikipedia awhile ago worked out a resolution since Wikipedia only allows one page per person and they kept a Jerry Calliste Jr. article created by mediapr and forward other referenced material to that article. The blue and white social book on the other hand hmmm – no comment. I’ll keep you posted.”

According to Katie Thomas 2010, “When Sam Keller, a former quarterback at Arizona State, sued the video game publisher Electronic Arts last year, he was seeking compensation for himself and other college athletes whose names were not used but whose images he contended were being illegally used by the company.” Continued > #arizonastate #easports #legal #law #likeness #musicbiz #samkeller #katiethomas


The Ohio State Buckeyes football team kicked off the 2010 season ranked #2 #ohiostate #buckeyefootball @jerrycallistejr

The Ohio State Buckeyes kicked off the 2010 NCAA College Football season ranked #2 by the AP Top 25, USA Today Poll, ESPN’s Power Ranking and the ESPNU Fan Poll behind #1 Alabama. Tonight The Ohio State Buckeyes play Marshall at Ohio Stadium. Next week Saturday September 11, 2010 The Ohio State Buckeyes take on #13 ranked University of Miami (FL) at Ohio Stadium #osu #ohiostate #marshall @ohiostate @jerrycallistejr @simplestream


A Sad Day in Bronx New York Thank You Steinbrenner R.I.P.

Sad day in the Bronx, New York according to ESPN, 2010, “Yankees Steinbrenner dies at 80”. Click for article

Thank you George Steinbrenner for the wonderful times and memories. Thank you for keeping the New York Yankees team and organization in Bronx, New York. It gave me and many other fans the opportunity to witness and experience a spectacular sports team like the New York Yankees make history time and time again. Mrs. Steinbrenner, Hank and Hal The Calliste family (true Bronx New Yorkers) send our condolences to you and your surviving family members.

David Cashman you are as much a part of the Steinbrenner family and most people do not even realize that. Thank you for staying in New York and delivering champions.

Thank you Mrs. Steinbrenner for supporting your husband for over 35 years in his quest for excellence and relentless drive to be a champion. In my opinion Mr & Mrs Steinbrenner are the true New York Yankees and Champions in the Bronx. Thank you.

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