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HBO series "Ballers"

.@Calliste’s Music Licensed on HBO’s “Ballers” featuring @TheRock


Tune in to HBO’s hot new series featuring @TheRock on “Ballers” tonight. Added bonus “Ballers” features my old school Electro HipHop classic “Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)” by Hashim or as most DJs named it “Its Time”. I’m not sure at what point of the show. So I’ll be watching too. The Official Hashim >


Check out “The East” by Zal Batmanglij cool movie

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The EastIs Bog Brother watching you? I thought “The East” was a cool and exciting movie. Check it out late night when you have nothing else to do. You should really enjoy it.


Have you seen Irvine Welsh’s cult-classic movie “Ecstasy”?

#irvinewelsh #ecstasy #movies #cultclassic #ukmovies #adamsinclair #kristenkreuk #billyboyd @MassimoInvest @Callistecomm

Irvine Welsh's EcstasyIn my opinion this is a good movie. Released in 2011, from the writer of the cult-classic movie “Trainspotting”, Irvine Welsh captures the essence of the ecstasy scene that was and may still be very prevalent in yesterday’s and today’s club scenes respectively. Definitely sit back with you partner and enjoy.